Juniper Whitmore

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Name Juniper Whitmore Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Chemical) Ability Aroma Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate April 29, 1994 Age 24
Height 5'4" Build Slender
Eyes Blue-Green Hair Reddish-Blonde
Residence Red Hook
Employment Rings of Juniper
Parents Deceased Siblings Deceased, (and yet multitudes)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Forever Last Scene

A Former Lighthouse Kid who now runs a pastry truck named Rings of Juniper that can be spotted in various locations throughout the city, usually at Red Hook or in pop-up markets.

She is an NPC controlled by Queens (though Storytellers and other staff members have permission to use her) and she is also available for adoption as a PC (contact Queens if interested).

Juniper Whitmore
portrayed by

Molly Quinn
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  • Juniper had been with the Lighthouse from almost the beginning, one of the oldest of the Evolved children they took under their wing. She helped with the Ferry when she could and remained on hand when the Lighthouse moved from Staten Island to Pollepel Island and she remained behind during the Seige rather than leave with the younger children to Canada. She reunited with the group in Canada, but had been an adult by then and mostly just laid low during the War there, and then moved to the Safe Zone soon after it opened.
  • She runs a food truck that is often seen at the Red Hook market or one of the other pop up markets throughout the town. It serves pastries and often wafts the smells for longer distances than are reasonable due to her ability.
  • Due to the food shortage and the fuel prices, she has taken to selling scent infused candles as well, using her ability to enhance the scents.
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