Juwariya Naika-Dunsimi

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Name Juwariya Naika-Dunsimi Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Aerokinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate January 7th, 1984 Age 35
Height 6' 2" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Antananarivo, Madagascar
Employment Junior Representative to the United Nations
Parents Huruma Dunsimi (mother)
Unknown (father)
Siblings Dajan Dunsimi
Marital Status Mihaja Naika (wife) Children Azaly Naika-Dunsimi (son; adopted)
First Scene His Regards Last Scene
Profile Juwariya Naika-Dunsimi is the daughter of Huruma Dunsimi and is Madagascar's ambassador to the United Nations. She is married to billionaire technology CEO Mihaja Naika of Celerity Technologies, the largest cybernetics and robotics corporation in Madagascar.
Juwariya Naika-Dunsimi
portrayed by
Kaone Kario
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