Kaiya Jeffery

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Name Kaiya Jeffery Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Highly-Combustible Superheated Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate August 20, 1946 Age 75
Height 5'9" Build Waifish
Eyes Brown Hair Ash Blonde
Residence Bay Ridge, NYC Safe Zone
Employment As the Boomers say on Facebook: HAPPILY RETIRED :^).
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Marriage! That was so long ago. Children A few, adults, somewhere.
First Scene Repursecussions Last Scene
Profile Once an investment banker, now a landlord: the absolute worst.
Kaiya Jeffery
portrayed by
Cate Blanchett



Bullying mortgage holders into giving her their money. What does this mean? She is manipulative and has no qualms about taking more to get more.

She goes to yoga several times a week as a way to maintain her youth without having to get a magic painting that ages for her. As a result, she is more limber than one would expect from a 74 year old, but this does leave her susceptible to potential falls, and she’s not that flexible compared to someone of her level but younger. She used to attend this class with Sahara Jackson, but has not done so since awakening to her new powers for obvious reasons - so now she does yoga at home and is probably a little less good at it. She recently tweaked her back, but it’s fine.

As a former exec for A Certain Large Multinational Investment Banking Firm, she is familiar with many languages, but is only fluent in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.

She took judo as an adult to get out her general rage and frustration at chauvinistic corporate finance, as well as her innate need to get out her aggression (which, in hindsight, may have led to this particular evolution) but only reached green belt - she was too violent, even back then, to proceed much farther.

Haggling, even though she doesn’t need to because she doesn’t want to pay full price for a damn manicure.

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