Kathleen Brooks

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Expressive Database

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Name Kathleen Brooks Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A/B Mental) (LE) Ability Dream Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate July 13, 1988 Age 29
Height 5' 6" Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Blonde (dyed)
Brown (natural)
Employment SESA agent at Fort Jay
Parents deceased Siblings Marcus Brooks
Tamara Brooks
Marital Status Children none
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Orphan, former terrorist mole, erstwhile scientist-in-training, and an asset of the Deveaux Society, Kathleen is a woman of principles and initiative whose life path has definitely been shaped by interesting times. These days, she is a SESA agent who specializes in interpersonal/psychological skills and their applications in contexts such as negotiation, intelligence, profiling, and infiltration.
Kathleen Brooks
portrayed by
Isabel Lucas


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