Keira Ryans

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Name Keira Aislinn Ryans Aliases Keira Aislinn Fionn
Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability Registered: Unknown (Previously Involuntary Tactile Shapeshifting; ability no longer functional)
Actual: Post-Mortem Shapeshifting
Gender Female
Birthdate May 24, 1983 Age 35
Height 5'7" Build Tiny
Eyes One Blue, One Missing (Occasionally, she wears a glass eye that looks mostly real) Hair Varies (usually brunette or blonde)
Residence 41st Precinct
Employment 41st Precinct
Parents Deirdre Madigan Fionn (Estranged)
"Brick" Ryans (Whereabouts Unknown)
Siblings Graeme Cormac
Marital Status Strong and Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man Children Never ever
First Scene Like a Kid at Disney World (first scene ever)
Farmer's Market Meets Dumpster Diving (first Aftermath scene)
Last Scene Two Masks
Profile Keira is a rough and tumble criminal type who makes up for her diminutive size with her general ferocity toward those who displease her.
Keira Ryans
portrayed by

Ruby Rose



Known to Most

  • Keira has been involved in the New York City crime scene in some form or another since 2003, though she was apparently absent during the civil war.
  • She is in some way involved in the leadership of the 41st Precinct Gang in some form or another; her exact position is unknown, but when she shows up, people do as she says. Most in the gang figure that power is split between her, Kevin, and Vernon.

Known to Some

  • Keira has a brother, Graeme Cormac, and is the aunt of one of the daughters of the late Soleil Davignon.
  • She and her brother are also the niece and nephew of Ben Ryans.
  • Keira was registered as non-evolved prior to the civil war, after a falsely negative SLC-E test made her think she was not evolved.
  • She ran an extremely prominent smuggling business out of Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico during the civil war.

Known to Few

  • She is a shapeshifter; she can become a completely different person at will, regardless of size or shape. This is a completely convincing physical change even down to tattoos and scars — though mannerisms must be observed and acted out in order to play the part convincingly.
  • She is the founder and leader of the 41st Precinct Gang.

Known to Fewer

  • The only way Keira can take a new face is by killing whoever she wants to take the face of. This does not work if she orders someone's death; she has to kill the person by her own hand.
  • She had a brief stint working for Humanis First…
  • …Which ended shortly after she gave away the leadership of the hate group to Richard Ray and fled the country.
  • Her two top men that people think she shares leadership of the 41st Precinct with, Kevin and Vernon, aren't actually real — they're just her with a different face.


In 2016, Keira traveled from Cabo San Lucas in Baja Sur California and made a deliberately slow and steady trek across the country to the Safe Zone over the course of a year and a half. She stopped in many different places, met many people, and made various connections. She even took an acting class with a friend!

Skills & Other Things

Keira has formed a decently sized gang of a good fifty or so men, operating out of the old 41st Precinct building in the south Bronx. Her second in command is Tanith, and they run a fairly tight operation of smuggling and drugs and just about everything else in between — though they draw the line at human trafficking. Keira runs this business under the face of Kevin Ford.


Kaang is a fully grown South Aftrican Boerboel dog, and an extremely large example of his breed no less. He isn't the tallest dog in the world, standing at a mere two and a half feet at the shoulder, but he more than makes up for that in sheer muscle content; powerful muscles ripple beneath his reddish-tan coat. He possesses a distinctly molosser-type face, with golden eyes peering out from a wrinkled face and a droopy black-pointed muzzle that conceals a very obviously powerful set of jaws. He was given to Keira by her good friend Tibby when he was just a puppy, as a gift. He has been by Keira's side ever since, only separating from her on rare occasions. She trained him to be her guard dog (and he is quite good at his job), as well as her constant companion. She loves Kaang just as much as other people love their children, and he is one of the few creatures on this earth who has never experienced her foul temper. He is a Very Good Boy.

Keira's List

Black, Alister Unknown Dunno what this asshole can do, but I can't turn into him. Don't give a shit what happens to him — if I don't kill him, someone else will, one of these days.
Caldwell, Tanith Kinetic Force One of my best friends, and my second in command. I trust her with my life and my business — and I would say not to fuck with her, but she's usually the one who does the fucking up of people.
Cormac, Graeme Superhuman Endurance My bro. No fucking with him. Ever. I will kill the motherfucker who fucks with my brother.
Danko, Emile Regeneration Hypocritical piece of shit, his blood doesn't want to leave his body. Oozes out, then oozes right back in while his shit heals up. If he's healed up, his blood goes up his ears and nose and moth. Fucking nasty.
Deckard, Amadeus Feline Telepathy Ex boyfriend. He can talk to cats or something. No fucking with him — that's my job.
Dussault, Caspian Force Field Generation This man is one amazing ride or die motherfucker. I will kill anyone who fucks with him.
Gerken, Lance Some Quiet Shit This is one sneaky motherfucker. He works for me. My kid. I will fucking murder anyone who tries to hurt him.
Mustang, Rasheed Unknown Besides having a stupid name, not sure what he can do — some kind of monkey's paw deal. I don't really give a shit, so long as he does his fucking job.
Naidu, Tibby Feline Telepathy My best friend in the whole world. I'd die for this bitch. No fucking with her, and I'll fucking kill anyone who tries.
Ray, Richard Shadow Form? Asshole shadow man who I fucked a few times.
Ryans, Delia Dream Manipulation My cousin. No fucking with her.
Ryans, Lucille Unknown My other cousin. Dunno what she can do, just that she's an Evo. No fucking with her.
Winters, Joe Impenetrable Skin This kid is cool and he works for me. I'd say no fucking with him, but he's one of the few people I know who can take just about anything.
Ryans, Benjamin Non-Evolved Uncle Ryans. He's cool. No fucking with him. Never.
Huruma Unknown I don't know what the fuck she is, other than really fucking tall. I haven't touched her yet, so I dunno what she is — though I think she's Evo. Uncle Ryans' friend, so no fucking with her.


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