Claudius Kellar

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Name Claudius Kellar Aliases Agent Oubliette
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Visual Pattern Recognition
Gender Male
Birthdate May 23, 1948 Age 70
Height 5'6" Build Medium
Eyes Gold Hair Gray
Residence Shanghai, China
Employment Lucid Consulting, Shanghai China
Parents Gloria Kellar (mother; deceased)
Albert Kellar (father; deceased)
Siblings UNKNOWN
Marital Status Single Children Sable Diego (daughter; estranged)
Others, unknown
First Scene It's Happening Again Last Scene Genesis 19:25
Profile Claudius Kellar is a wealthy, ruthless, paranoid man who practices and supports pro-Evolved politics as a member of Mazdak. All his best-laid plans were brought to ruin when he thought to cross The Entity.
Claudius Kellar
portrayed by

Ray Wise


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