Kendall Cunningham

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Name Kendall Cunningham Aliases Numerous, see below
Status Registered Expressive (Class Mental) (LE) Ability Illusion
Psychic Projection (fusion)
Gender Male
Birthdate June 9th, 1993 Age 28
Height 5'11" Build Medium
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence The Lanthorn
Employment SESA
Parents Gwen and Jason Cunningham (fate unknown) Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Raquelle's Day Spa Last Scene
Profile Kendall can create illusions at will, using them to hide in plain sight, turn invisible, or among friends, make lots and lots of jokes and pop culture references. He no longer has any restriction on them and uses them as easily as breathing now. Anything that can be done to make things easier to get his point across is fair game. Additionally, while in the PDZ, he spent two years working with the Guardians, so that's another potential 'hey I know you'.
Kendall Cunningham
portrayed by

Hunter Parrish


Extra things



Even from a young age, Kendall had a talent for drawing and that ended up being the trigger for his ability, which almost turned him off drawing entirely. Fortunately not long after he was taken in by those who encouraged him. His art skills gave him something to barter with when he was in the Dead Zone out west.


Kendall was taught by some unscrupulous, unnamed individuals how to make fake IDs, and even has the correct equipment. He also learned how to forge signatures, which was easy enough given how it's pretty much a very specialized form of 'art'.


Beyond just using his illusions, when Kendall really wants to hide in plain sight he enhances them with disguises, another trick he picked up over the years. It's important because if he ever needs to go somewhere there's cameras, his illusions don't fool technology, so it's needed. This also includes accents, although he lets his illusions handle any actual voice change.

List of his 'personas'

Kendall has made a set of illegal IDs of all the 'faces' and personalities he's played over the years. He made most of the IDs himself, and they pass all but the most intense scrutiny. He uses them as a focus for his illusions that let him go places he wouldn't be able to as himself, or to talk to people who wouldn't otherwise open up. But primarily, he uses them to hide in plain sight, aided by a disguise and acting skills to make it easier to hold up.

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