Lauren Gilmore

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Name Lauren Gilmore Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Telekinesis (gemini)
Enhanced Durability (gemini)
Gender Female
Birthdate April 28, 1973 Age 44
Height 5' 8" Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence Unknown
Employment Commonwealth Institute of Massachusetts (Formerly)
Parents Julianne Gilmore (mother)
Stephen Gilmore (father)
Siblings Dianne Gilmore-Benton (sister)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Skycastle, Part III Last Scene An End
Profile Lauren Gilmore is a former Company agent and ex-DHS operative who was covertly employed by the Institute. Lauren was the chief of security for the Commonwealth Arcology and held many of the Institute's secrets. She was captured by Wolfhound in 2018, where it was discovered she was the victim of unwilling genetic experimentation. She died as a result of complications from these experiments in July of 2018.
Lauren Gilmore
portrayed by
Elisabeth Röhm
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