Leroy Jackson

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Name Leroy Kunta Jackson Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Mental) Ability Consciousness Transference
Gender Male
Birthdate October 13th, 1985 Age 32
Height 5'10" Build Kinda in shape.
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Yamagato Industries
Parents A father.
A mother.
Siblings Some.
Marital Status Yamagato Children Jiba?
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Perpetual workaholic and obsessive computer engineer, Leroy can often wear his stress on his sleeve, but can manage to relax when people force him out of his office and into fun. He's fiercely loyal to Yamagato and everything that they've done for him, and all of the opportunities they've provided. And, while a generally good natured guy without many prejudices, he is incredibly wary of Evolved hackers, not because he believes them to be inherently bad, but because he views them as the greatest security threat on Earth. He does not wear suits and his mother gave him the middle name of a character in Roots.
Leroy Jackson
portrayed by

Donald Glover

"Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right, than to be responsible and wrong." Winston Churchill

"I don't hate technopaths, but the cold war happened for a reason. I'm in a cold war with people who might be my friends, might be people I eat lunch with or hang out with. It's not because I hate them, it's not because I want anything bad to happen to them, it's because you can't have people walking around with digital nukes in their head and no adequate defense against them. That's why Batman carries kryptonite in his belt." - Leroy



Otomo otomo_icon.gif Cool boss. Admirable guy. Threat Level: Safe.
Marlowe marlowe_icon.gif Intelligent, beautiful, aspiring socialite? I don't understand what she's trying to be in life, she has a lot of big goals outside of science. Will try to get to know more. Threat Level: Beyonce Stark
Monica monica_icon.gif Cyborg girl I work on sometimes. Fine as hell. Threat Level: Cyborg
Jiba jiba_icon.gif A revolutionary scientific miracle. Threat Level: HAL 9000


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