Ling Chao

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Name Ling Chao Aliases Sun Xiaolu
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Kinetic) Ability Smoke Mimicry
Gender Female
Birthdate March 23, 1977 Age 41
Height 5'6" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Yamagato Industries
Parents Han Chao (deceased)
Xing Chao (deceased)
Marital Status Children
First Scene Last Scene

A traveler from another world that had journeyed to this one, Sun Xiaolu - formally known as Ling Chao - is a woman looking for her place in a new and unfamiliar world. She is currently employed by Yamagato Industries, on paper as a member of the public relations department. In reality, she is one of the company's secret wetworks operatives.

Ling's original Virus Timeline profile can be found here.

Ling Chao
portrayed by

Ming-Na Wen


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