John Logan

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Name John Logan Aliases None
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Biological) (COM) Ability Biochemical Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate October 29 Age 36
Height 5'10" Build Slender
Eyes Light green Hair Brown
Residence Bay Ridge
Employment Owner of The Vault, manager of The Crucible
Parents Sarah Logan
Unknown Father
Siblings None
Marital Status Single? Children Rhys Bluthner
First Scene Neanderthal Fight Dinosaur Last Scene
Profile Back in his element in the new world order, John Logan can mostly be found at his antique parlor in Bay Ridge, either selling and buying valuables or hosting semi-legal high stakes poker games. On alternate evenings, he manages an underground fighting ring in the ruins of Staten Island. In both arenas, he turns a tidy profit for himself, but there are winnings to be had for those who might try their own luck.
John Logan
portrayed by
Jude Law



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Known to Most

  • Most publicly, John Logan is known for having been a part of the civilian watch during the government occupation of Eltingville Blocks, the Evolved ghetto pre-war. He was arrested and sentenced to death by firing squad, along with many others, in the wake of initial rioting. He testified against Colonel Heller after the war was over.
  • Fought in the war. Kind of. Defended himself aggressively in the war, let's say.
  • Logan was the owner or manager of several establishments during his time in New York City, prior to the war. He owned the Happy Dagger in the Rookery of Staten Island, and helped manage a cage fighting ring, the Center Stage. He moved mainland under the employ of the Linderman Group, and managed a strip club called Burlesque.
  • Currently, he owns an antiques parlour in Bay Ridge, called the Vault, and it's an open secret that some of his finer acquisitions are stolen. From the Vault, he also runs high-stakes poker games every other week.
  • Logan was employed for a time at Elmhurst Hospital for his ability to negate SLC-Expressive powers.

Known to Some

  • He also owns and manages a fight club on Staten Island, the Crucible.
  • Known mainly amongst those with Staten Island affiliations, as well as the general network of player characters, Logan was involved in the kidnapping of Evolved (and some non-Evolved) for use in Center Stage. He was also involved in Refrain dealing in competition with the Triad gangs of New York City.
  • His reputation was and is that of someone ruthless and unpredictable, given towards creative and violent solutions in solving his problems, better known for leaving people broken rather than just dead.
  • He is close friends with Sasha and Tania Kozlow, the former of Vanguard fame.

Known to Few

  • Lost his ability for almost a year when he swapped it with Hana Gitelman, and was a technopath for a time. While he spent much of this time being inept at it, he finally learned some skills, and was partially responsible behind robots turning on non-Evolved during the riots. He also dabbled in white collar financial crime, because of course he did.
  • He is currently in a relationship with Hana, of some kind.
  • He has also been kidnapped by rednecks and their friends.
  • He has an adult son from when he travelled back in time and slept with his best friend's secret identity's wife. They don't talk much.


February, 2018
When Where What Who
20th Neanderthal Fight Dinosaur Sibyl gives a gift that is sure to keep on giving. Sasha, Sibyl
20th Another Man's Treasure Colette goes in search of an important part of her birthday plans, and rediscovers an old friend as well. Colette
21st Shot In The Dark Richard Ray seeks an obscure quest item from the last person he expected. Ray
23rd Farmer's Market Meets Dumpster Diving A confluence of personalities meet at the Rookery, old and new. Buddy, Eugene, Huruma, Keira, Ricky, Sibyl, Zain
23rd Bolster the Books An agreement of cooperation or the start of a beautiful friendship, either or. Zain
March, 2018
When Where What Who
5th Down to its Bones Sibyl is hiding under his bed. Logan inquires as to why. Sibyl
8th Hot Potato Logan wins Tibby over in his ongoing attempt to sell expensive stolen weaponry. Tibby
21st Under the Bridge No matter how one might try to bury the past, history still informs the present. Nicole
April, 2018
When Where What Who
6th What Are You Wearing? The night before the Yamagato Gala, Hana and Logan engage in some textual banter. Hana
7th Two Russians and an Englishman Walk into a Bar On the eve of the prestigious Yamagata gala, Sasha makes a confession to Tania and Logan. Sasha, Tania
7th A Celebration Of History — Entrance Yamagato Industries throws a charity gala at the Fellowship Center, and all of New York is in attendance. Everyone
7th A Celebration Of History — Water Garden Other attendees of the gala seek privacy and comfort in a chilly, outdoor environment. Everyone
7th A Celebration Of History — Gallery In the art gallery of the Fellowship Center, the past and the present collide. Everyone
7th Fancy Ladies Go Home Are you a bad enough dude to rescue John Logan? Astrid, Buddy, Eugene, Jiba, Marlowe, Monica, Nicole, Rex



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