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Name Lucille Amelia Ryans Aliases Natalie Cruz
Status Registered Expressive (Class A/B Biological) (MIL) Ability Biological Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate January 2, 1989 Age 30
Height 5'9 Build Athletic
Eyes Blue-Gray Hair Auburn
Residence Ryans Household
Employment Wolfhound (Reinstated), Cage Fighter
Parents Benjamin Ryans (Deceased)
Mary Ryans (Deceased)
Siblings Delia Ryans
Brad Russo
Ingrid Ryans
Pippa Varlane (The cutest of them all)
Marital Status Finn (Dating A Goofball) Children Nah
First Scene Catching Up With Emojis Last Scene
Profile War veteran and Wolfhound Officer, a string of recent losses in the forms of her best friend and father has left the woman closed off from most. Reeling with the grief of it all and struggling with the mantle of being the matriarch of the Ryans family now, Lucille is just trying to make it to each day.
Lucille Ryans
portrayed by

Olivia Wilde



Known to Most

  • She fought in the Second American Civil War alongside her father and the rest of the Ferrymen's Special Activities group. She was injured in a pre-war event that left her scarred and cagey about her ability. Joined up with Wolfhound during the middle of the war and has worked with them as an Operative ever since.
  • A former model with modest success in the days before the war, she traveled all over the world walking in fashion shows and doing shoots.
  • The oldest daughter of the rather large Ryans family.

Known to Few

  • Fights in the Crucible under the moniker White Rose.
  • Has done mercenary work.
  • Worked in the crime world on Staten Island for a time under Lexington.
  • Is an avid reader and usually can be found with her nose in a book.
  • Has a niece, nephew and sister from the future living in NYC. (Kincaid where are you D:)
  • Has received healing from Berlin that has left her scarless and her ability fully within her control again.
  • Works as a freelance mercenary.


Character Icons
Cleansed Lost Hunter Burdened
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Lotus Lamb Criminal Dreamer Youth Lost Future
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Book One

Volume I: The Way Back
January 2012 - January 2018
07/15/12 Two Redheads In A Warzone Megan and Lucille are working in a field hospital, taking a brief break. One should not leave redheads alone. Lucille and Megan
06/17/17 Operation High Road, Part III Strike Team Amarok has the joint roles of diversion and destruction as part of Wolfhound's Operation High Road. Claire, Curtis, Devon, Francois and Lucille
06/19/17 One of the Pack Two days after the successful execution of Operation High Road, Wolfhound celebrates their victory. Wolfhound
February 2018
02/20/18 Catching Up With Emojis Huruma's learned to use them and Lucille is happy to have her aunt back. Huruma and Lucille
02/25/18 Yoga and Gelato …do not exist in the Bronx in 2018. But Lucille, Chess, and Calvin do. Some of these are not compatible. Calvin, Chess and Lucille
02/28/18 That Would Be Unprofessional There's a hen in the wolves' den. Avi, Berlin, Curtis, Dearing, Devon, Lucille and Robyn
02/28/18 Wango Tango Two Hound sisters have a sleepover with rum, cupcakes, and chalk. Berlin and Lucille
March 2018
03/08/18 Not Even Kind Of Over Colette returns from administrative leave to the support of her teammates — and a situation that is still anything but simple. Adel, Berlin, Colette, Hana and Lucille
03/11/18 Support It's what friends do. Colette and Lucille
03/18/18 Three Redheads and a Leisure Suit Three Redheads meet in Prufrock's bookstore over tea. Discussions of evolved abilities occur. Cassandra, Lucille and Megan


Berlin Beckett - Burr. Burr. Burr. There are no words that can accurately describe the way Lucille cares about the young woman. She healed her from her pre war affliction and then turned around and saved her father's life from the cancer that was stealing it. Lucille is in awe of Berlin, she is her sister, best friend and someone that Lucille would do anything to protect. The nature of her abilities and the history behind them is something that interests Lucille in the effort to be able to assist Burr in whatever way she needs. She worries in the back of her mind about the burden sitting on Berlin's shoulders but she knows she can handle it. She's strong. There's an endless amount of love there.
Colette Demsky - In 2011, Lucille was apart of the team that went to Alaska and rescued Colette, Lucille sedated her and carried her out. Years later they reconnected during the Civil War and it sparked an extremely close bond between the women. After the hellish adventure that was Utah, Lucille had found a sister in arms on the battlefield and off. The other woman also becoming key to Lucille's training of her ability and was intimately aware of her nerve damage and the issues it has caused with her ability. Lucille leans on Col for support just as she does Berlin. The two besides Huruma being her rocks in the group she values Colette's opinion and wants to see the other woman happy. She relates to Colette's headstrong attitude and emotional decisions. Lucille does try to be the more 'level' headed one but being around Lucille makes her more energized, more prone to take risks and be reckless. The pair are a deadly combination and have beautiful friendship.


  • Languages: Lucille has a good grip on the a few different languages now. Furthering her learning of Spanish, German and French she is quite fluent. French being the one she's the least well versed in.
  • Two Wheel Driving: Lucille has picked up how to drive motorcycles from Ygraine. It is her preferred method of travel. She's not a racer but she can maneuver and get to places quickly.
  • Bookworm: Lucille is still an avid reader. She retains knowledge quickly but rather enjoys her dark sci fi novels.
  • Manipulation: Lu’s ability to manipulate people to her interests has only grown over the years. She's still an attractive woman and allows that to lead the way when wanting to deceive someone of her true motives. But she has a quick wit and savy way of communicating if she needs too.
  • Bartending: an old skill that Lucille uses often for her comrades in Wolfhound. She still makes a stiff drink.
  • Biology/Medical Knowledge: Since first manifesting she has been intrigued by the study of the human body and its functions. That knowledge has only grown with more reading and studying on the subject. She's able to apply more than just first aid as well, stitches and removal of bullets are among the things she can do (she watched and assisted Megan with these things during the war).. Not deep bullet removal mind you.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: With the help and training of many mentors such as Ygraine with the Savate method, Edgar with Wushu, combat training when joining up with Wolfhound and Huruma with regular sparring matches, Lucille has become quite adept at hand to hand combat. Given an advantage because of the nature of her ability she learned how to quickly subdue targets. She has not mastered any of these martial arts or fighting styles, instead taking and combing different techniques. She favors her own unique blend of everything her mentors taught her, utilizing kicks the most but incorporating her acrobatic ability to make her a hard target to hit or be pinned down.
  • Firearms: Luce is proficient at firearms. She favors her uzi but can handle a rifle and shotgun. She can fire smaller arms as well.
  • Meditation: Lucille has become an avid meditation practioner over the last seven years. The tactics that Hana showed her were just the foundation and Lucille has built upon that. She meditates daily. This allows her to keep a cooler head when in high stress situations.
  • Stealth: Since meeting Huruma, Lucille has more or less followed the woman around everywhere. Doing so has helped her pick up tips on how to be steathly when she needs to be. While not able to move as swiftly as her mentor, she can trail someone for a while before they might suspect she is following them.
  • Weapons: Through training with Hana Gitelman and various other people and dojos, Lucille is acquainted with a myriad of different weapons. She is capable with knife fighting, has learned how to throw shuriken and the chakram. The chakram is her preferred weapon to use.
  • Acrobatic/Parkour: Lucille has been practicing gymnastics since she was a little girl. While out of practice for a lot of her adult life, she has incorporated it into her fighting style. Flips, back handsprings and cartwheels are a go. Lu is flexible.Also through hanging with Ygraine Lucille has taken an interest in parkour, her acrobatic and gymnastic ability lent her a hand in learning how to free fall, grab onto to railings mid leap and such.

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