Lynette Rowan Ruiz

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Name Lynette Rowan Ruiz Aliases Regina Sinclair
Lynette Ruiz
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) (COM, INST) Ability Weather Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate February 2, 1978 Age 42
Height 5'5" Build Lithe
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence The Benchmark Center
Employment The Benchmark Recovery and Counseling Center
Parents Jeremy Rowan
Karin Brauer
Siblings Odessa Price (in-law)
Desmond Harper (half; deceased)
Marital Status Mateo Ruiz
Mateo Ruiz
(It's complicated)
Children Silvia Ruiz
Manuel Ruiz (7)
Evie Ruiz (5)
First Scene Blood On The Tarmac Last Scene
Profile Lynette is a famous war hero and former Ferrymen council member. She has given interviews about the Ferrymen, stories about her have appeared in books and articles. Now she runs a rehab and counseling facility in the New York Safe Zone. It caters to Evolved, focusing on helping them through their traumas.
Lynette Rowan Ruiz
portrayed by

Amanda Schull

"From my weakness, I drew strength that never left me." — Jorge Luis Borges



Known To Most

  • Lynette was a Ferry Councilperson known to be a woman-of-the-people. Ferrymen and their charges knew they could come to her for help or at least for an ear for their concerns. In the public eye, a picture of her gained a lot of traction after Cambridge. A bloody and dirty Lynette carrying a wounded and frightened child in her arms as she ran away from the ambush outside the Arcology. It comes up often in articles or discussions about the lot of the Evolved in America.
  • During the Second Civil War, she led a small group of flashy-powered Evolved for the purposed of distraction, rapid dominance, and highly risky operations. People in her squad were well aware of the likelihood of death. And then they all died, save one. But often worked in tandem with other teams working a stealthier approach. Drawing fire, etc. They were called The Olympians (only sometimes in a teasing manner) because of Lynette's nickname of Lady Zeus. On the battlefield, she ended up using Zeus as a callsign. Other members had their own thematically appropriate callsigns as well.
  • She runs a Rehab/Counseling center here in the Safe Zone, her father (Jeremy Rowan) runs the original center in Mexico. It is possible to have been at/be at either at some point. Mexico opened during the last days of the Civil War, NYC opened in Jan 2018.
  • Lynette has started to appear on discussion panels since moving into the Safe Zone. To weigh in on various SLC-Expressive related issues.

Known To Some

  • During the war, Command often referred to her and Nicole as Sturm and Drang, as they worked well together and often together. There was a time when one would not go into battle without the other and as such, were often thought of as one unit, rather than two people. Rumors were around about them, because they were so often together; fighting together, drinking together, and touching all the time. It was a thing.
  • Both rehab facilities double as a safe haven for evos in need and former Ferrymen. It is possible for such people to find long-term housing in Lynette's building. Or in Mexico.
  • While she doesn't hide it, Lynette doesn't always volunteer that she is a recovering addict herself. People who paid attention to interviews could put it together if they were so inclined.

Known To Few

  • Since the events in early 2020, Lynette has been using her contacts and smuggling know-how to move at-risk Evolved out of countries with heavy anti-evo sentiments. She helps them set up in the odd, off-the-radar towns across the war torn US with new lives and new identities.
  • There was a time, back in the old old days (pre-2007), when Lynette had her ties to a criminal organization in Los Angeles. She learned to move people quietly from this organization, evolved especially. It is possible to know her from this time, either as a fellow criminal or as someone she moved in or out of the US.
  • Lynette is a merger of two versions of herself and her husband is also a merger of two versions of himself.
  • She no longer suffers from addiction the way she had before the events of January 12, 2019.


"Hands are no longer hands. They are caresses. Mouths are no longer mouths. They are kisses. My name is no longer a name, it is a call. And love is no longer love — love is you."

The universe turned itself inside out to make sure Lynette and Mateo found their way to each other. He traveled the worlds for his family and they both lost so much trying to make sure he found his way. But. She can't help but see him as a miracle, one she's not sure she deserves. She loves him— she has always loved him.
"I was, in my life, proud to be a daughter. But proudest to be your mother."

Silvia came into Lynette's life late, she is now a cherished part of it. The girl faces her dark memories with a smile and an infectious energy. Lynette admires that, but also wanted the girl to have support and love for when those dark moments come knocking. And Lynette does love her, a strange experience for a woman that never really wanted children, but she doesn't mind strange.
"Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws."

Manuel was taken from his family and brought to this world. It was the event that drove Lynette and Mateo to give up everything and chase him through worlds. Now they've finally reached him and finally feel like a whole family again. He's a calm child, quiet and gentle. Lynette takes a lot of care with him and she hopes to do right by him in this new world.
"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them."

Her brave warrior. The girl without fear. Lynette sees a lot of herself in Evie, and she knows the ups and downs that come with it. She hopes the girl's courage never sours the way Lynette's did.
"When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark."

For better or worse, Lynette feels protective of Des. They met under weird circumstances, but having someone else who shared the experience of The Other Ruiz was immediately comforting. She knows Des has a dark past full of terrible choices, but Lynette believes her sincerity about wanting to start over and wants to help her through it. Climbing out a pit is impossible alone and Lynette will throw down a rope for her. All she has to do is hold on to it. Plus, she's family now. She fits right in with the rest of them.
"The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature."

Lynette and her dad were a very small, but dedicated family from the time she was very young. After her mother walked out, the pair of them made their way through the world together. Lynette learned about sacrifice and love from him. Now they're business partners as well, co-running Benchmark, one at each location. She has always felt lucky to have him and he to have her.


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  • Business stuff - Lynette has a head for paperwork and a true eye for detail. She knows how to run a business, from top down. She's putting it to work now on a rehab center.
  • Language stuff - Lynette learned Spanish in classrooms in college, but lost her hold on it over the years. After moving to Mexico, she's gotten a full immersion crash course and her handle on it has come back to her.
  • Athletic stuff - She keeps herself in shape. Running, mostly. It's what she does now that she's given up her proper vices. Some boxing on the side.
  • Evolved training stuff - Old habits die hard and her rehab center became a place for evolved people to lay low. She had a few years of teaching people how to control their abilities and how to find and push their limits.
  • Fighting stuff and gun stuff - Her time with the Ferry and in the civil war taught her a lot about fighting. She knows how to fight now, how to handle pistols, shotguns and rifles and knives.
  • Contact stuff - Lynette knows how to network. She has a guy for everything. Or a guy who knows a guy.
  • Smuggling stuff - Even before her years with the Ferry, Lynette was a smuggler. She's smuggled goods, people, money, the lot.
  • PTSD and emotional cover stuff - Lynette has never been good at dealing with her issues. She used to cope with alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Then she coped with violence or shutting down. Now she copes by way of solitude. In the wake of the war (among other things), she has never really confronted this tendency and sometimes can get set off by things that put her back in that place, in that mindset.
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