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Name Magnes Jay Varlane Aliases Dean Parker, Ness Parker
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Gravity Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate February 8th, 1988 Age 32
Height 6'0" Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel Hair Dark-Brown
Residence Bay Ridge
Employment Evolution of Wrestling, and construction work.
Parents Pete Varlane
Donna Varlane (Deceased)
Siblings Felicia Varlane
Clara Francis
Marital Status Engaged (Elaine) Children Adelle and Adel
First Scene Welcome to Another World Last Scene
Profile Magnes has been many things over the years. A pizza boy, Company agent, NYPD, a member of Messiah, the Ferry, a student of Hiro and Kimiko Nakamura, and a protege of the Remnant. He's travelled from world to world and learned physics, saw and connected to the infinite void of the multiverse, before finally returning home. He learned that he's a clone, due to his grieving yet still kind of evil father, but didn't have much time to process before The Entity entirely scattered his fiance, the Elaine Darrow from the Virus reality, into nothingness. He's trying his best to just kind of live now, and make money as a professional wrestler (among other things) for his daughters. He hasn't given up hope on finding Elaine one day, but he's at least tried his best not to dwell on something that might take him down a dark path if he truly pursued trying to bring her back, if such a thing were even possible. He's no longer trying to be a hero. After helping to save multiple worlds, including this one, the allure of being a superhero has somewhat worn off. He might believe that with great power, comes great responsibility, but he's been living kind of a pretty lowkey life of skateboarding and wrestling, despite having the power to potentially change the world. He currently lives at Bay Ridge, using his connection to Kimiko Nakamura to do a bit of construction work here and there and get housing, which helps pay for his living situation in addition to the pro wrestling.
Magnes J. Varlane
portrayed by

Shia LaBeouf

What's happening?

No idea. Just do what I do: hold tight and pretend it's a plan.
— Lily and the Doctor

"I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law."
— Bugs Bunny


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Donna donna-varlane_icon.gif My mother. She did everything she could for me, even though my father sucks. She got my computer, which is how I met Gillian, she let me skate, she taught me how to sew and everything. She did a lot for me that my father hated. I want to see her again. Alter Ego: Aunt May
Adel adel_icon.gif I know that I didn't raise her in the future, but seeing her, a life that I made in some part of reality, changed a lot for me. It showed me what it was like to be proud of someone who came from me, the guilt of not being alive to raise her in her time, the happiness that I feel when we spend time together and she really treats me like a dad. I love this girl, you wouldn't believe how much I love this girl. Alter Ego: Rachel Grey
Elaine vf_elaine_icon.gif It's strange, being with someone technically a second time, but who is fundamentally different from the first version of them that you met, in many ways. Elaine, I fell for her pretty hard, harder and faster than the Elaine from my world. We have so much chemistry, we click on so many levels. And she doesn't seem to have many hard feelings about getting her pregnant in the middle of a virus apocalypse, so… she's great, and I love her, so, you know. Alter Ego: Belle
Elaine elaine_icon.gif The Elaine that made me realize what an adult relationship was supposed to be, even though I failed at it so many times, and never really figured out my priorities. I accepted that she's with Quinn, but she still means the world to me, she's still one of my best friends, even though I complicated it by getting married to a version of her from an alternate dimension. Alter Ego: Mary-Jane Watson
Elisabeth elisabeth2_icon2.gif I don't think anyone expected me and Elisabeth to be particularly close, but traveling between worlds and spending years having to depend on each other will do that. We've bonded and gotten to know each other a lot, I think we probably trust each other more than we trust most other people at this point, and we're pretty much family. I know that she tries to take the world on her shoulders a lot, so I try to take some of the burden off of her and do my best to be something of a co-leader, though I think she's a lot better at inspiring trust and hope than I can be most of the time. Alter Ego: Carol Danvers
Isabelle vf_isa_icon2.gif Isabelle is one of my best friends, she's always there for me and thinking about me, and even though I lost her once, I found her again, and it's like she never left. I miss my Isabelle, but I think she'd understand that if I can find her somewhere, then I should have her in my life. We both lost our counterpart in some way, but we found each other. Alter Ego: Livewire
Quinn robyn_icon.gif She's hard on me a lot, but I know she cares about me. She could have abandoned me, stopped putting up with all my crap, just taken Elaine entirely and ditched me for good, but she never did. She stuck with me and kept trying to make my life better, and I really do love her. Alter Ego: Android 18
Sable sable_icon.gif Sable really means the world to me, I know she'd never betray me, never turn her back on me, never leave. She's guided me through life so many times, and I hope I've helped her come closer to achieving her dreams too. Really one of my best friends of all time. Alter Ego: Tank Girl
Delilah delilah_icon.gif She was always there when I needed her, she showed me some of the important ropes of adulthood, and was just always someone who I could trust and depend on. Things were always a bit complicated with her, but it's never been any doubt that she's one of my best friends. Alter Ego: Felicia Hardy


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