Manny Calavera

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Name Emanuel Ramon Calevera Aliases Melvin Crum
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate May 8, 1974 Age 45
Height 6' 8" Build Stocky
Eyes Brown Hair Brow
Residence The Clocktower Building
Employment The Deveaux Society
Parents Elaine Calevera (adoptive mother; deceased)
Ramon Calevera (adoptive father; deceased)
"Arnold" (father)
Unknown (mother)
Siblings Andy Calevera (adoptive brother)
Anthony Calevera (adoptive brother; deceased)
James Calevera (adoptive brother; deceased)
Irene Calevera (adoptive sister)
Marital Status Douglas Hebert (husband) Children None
First Scene Bodyguard Last Scene
Profile Manny Calavera is a former Linderman Group enforcer. Following Kain Zarek's death, Manny went underground and sold his services as a bodyguard. He was eventually tracked down by Claudia Zimmerman and reunited with his biological father Arnold. He had since worked for the Deveaux Society as the head of Claudia's security entourage until Claudia's kidnapping, culminating in Manny being let go from the Deveaux Society. His whereabouts since being fired are unknown.
Manny Calavera
portrayed by
Christopher Fosh
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