Marisa D. Blomgren

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Name Marisa Diane Blomgren Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) (LE) Ability Reactive Adaptation
Gender Female
Birthdate May 1, 1989 Age 30
Height 5'9" Build Thick
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Employment NYPD - SCOUT Detective
Parents John Blomgren
Darla Blomgren
Siblings Two Older Brothers
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Watch Yourself Last Scene
Profile A farm girl turned cop, Marisa was a rookie NYPD police officer before the civil war and helped those in need in the city during. She has recently accepted a position in the NYPD's SCOUT division.
Marisa D. Blomgren
portrayed by

Iskra Lawrence



Known to Most

  • Marisa was a rookie cop in the NYPD prior to the war.
  • She is a Detective for the NYPD's SCOUT division.
  • She was in New York during the war, helping to rescue those in need.

Known to Some

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Known to Few

  • Marisa survived the shockwave that destroyed Central Park on November 8, 2011. She was likely the sole survivor at ground zero.


carver_icon.gif An old family friend, Harrison was a good buddy of Marisa's father in high school — and is an ex boyfriend of her mom's. Later, they met up shortly after the second bomb hit, when Carver just so happened to doctor the wounds that Marisa obtained when surviving said bomb. Marisa is actually quite fond of the grumpy old fellow — he's her favorite grumpass.

Skills & Misc.

Skill Description
Agriculture Marisa grew up on a farm. She knows how to grow and tend crops properly, and how to account for any changes or variations that may threaten a crop.
Animal Husbandry Marisa grew up caring for farm animals. Her family had a few cows, but mostly raised goats for their meat and milk. She knows how to care for, breed, and raise most domesticated animals
Athletics While she isn't the skinniest person out there, that doesn't mean that Marisa isn't fit! She regularly exercises and has developed a fairly impressive stamina. This is helpful in her career.
Bureaucracy Police work is a lot of paperwork and dealing with administrative issues. Marisa is fairly capable of navigating these hurdles; it was a large amount of her work in West Milton.
Charm When all is said and done, a lot of what helps Marisa out with properly performing her duties is charm, which she has in droves. A well-placed smile or kind word and implementing proper listening techniques can go a long way.
Combat Self-defense is important in law enforcement, and Marisa has taken her training seriously. She is more than capable in a fist fight, though most of her technique is designed to disarm, take down, and incapacitate rather than harm her opponents. Her ability helps with this a bit; if she gets punched once, she won't be hurt by another punch. She is also quite capable with a gun; she prefers pistols, but she can fire just about any gun with fairly good accuracy.
Cooking Growing up, Marisa was taught how to cook. While she's certainly no sous chef, she has all but perfected what she can make and is always open to trying to create new things.
Driving Marisa has participated in her fair share of high-speed chases, especially on the long empty stretches of her hometown. She is a strong defensive driver and knows how to pull off pit maneuvers when needed. Additionally, her brothers were heavily into motorcycles, and she can handle herself on one quite well.
Investigation Marisa is trained in the ways of investigation. She's handled a wide range of investigations during her time as a police officer, both in New York and in West Milton; from crime scene investigation to fingerprinting to interrogation, Marisa is capable of holding her own in most any investigation thrown her way.
Mechanics She's nowhere near proficient enough to be able to make a career of it, but Marisa knows her way around engines well enough to perform basic maintenance like oil changes and tire changes; with a manual, she can even fix an issue (though she would likely need someone to tell her what's wrong first).
Negotiation While she is no expert, Marisa has studied into negotiation techniques and can talk her way through some tough situations.
Observant While she's not the smartest person in the world, it's difficult to pull the wool over Marisa's eyes. She's quite observant, rather good at picking out small details that others might miss, whether it is in her environment or a person's behavior.
Survival Marisa isn't much of a camper, and prefers the comforts of civilized society. However, she grew up in backwoods Ohio with two brothers; she knows how to build a fire, how to build a shelter, and how to hunt, and could reasonably handle herself if left to the elements.
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