Mark Ryans

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Name Markus Ryans Aliases King of Pentacles
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Telekinesis
Gender Male
Birthdate September 27, 1914 Age 82 (at time of death)
Height 6' 3" Build Thin
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Employment Central Intelligence Agency, Office of Special Investigations
The Royals, King of Pentacles
Marital Status CLASSIFIED Children Markus Jr. (son)
First Scene Tomorrow's News Last Scene
Profile Markus Ryans, grandfather of Benjamin Ryans, was an officer in the Office of Special Investigations. The OSI was a branch of the US Government investigating "Specials" following World War II before they were snuffed out by the Company. The OSI was responsible for recruiting Kazimir Volken and perpetuating his research at Fort Daedalus as well as the inhumane treatment of Specials at the Coyote Sands Relocation Center.
Mark Ryans
portrayed by
Richard Widmark
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