Mateo Javier Ruiz

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Name Mateo Javier Ruiz Aliases Hati
Javier Ayala De Santos (in Bright)
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Spatiotemporal) (COM) Ability Spatial Folding
Gender Male
Birthdate 02/29/1976 Age 44 (or 11)
Height 5'7" Build Sturdy
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Residence Benchmark
Employment Benchmark
Parents Josefa Camila Ruiz, mother (Juliette Luis (??)) Siblings Odessa Knutson, Odessa Woods, Destiny Ruiz, Odessa Price, sister
Shahid "Shaw" Khan, self-proclaimed brother
Marital Status Widower, Lynette Rowan/Lynette Rowan Ruiz (wife),
Lynette Rowan-Ruiz, complicated
Children Manuel Rowan Ruiz, son
Evie Rowan Ruiz, daughter
Silvia Ruiz
First Scene Otter Eyes Last Scene String Theory and yet
Profile Once upon a time, there was a man who had been a refugee. He disappeared/seemingly perished in an event which bridged worlds and brought back those who had been lost. What's left of him was combined with his alternate from another world.
Mateo Javier Ruiz
portrayed by

Oscar Isaac



Character Icons
Home Child
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Virus Before Merger
Prime Before Merger
Other Otters Icons
Bright Wasteland ???? Flood Severed
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Coming Not So Soon…


Coming Not So Soon…


Music: Mateo is skilled in guitar, charango (a traditional Andean string instrument) and piano. He's also a decent singer with a soft rock, ballad, folky sound. He has written some songs, but plays a variety of music both traditional hispanic and more popular rock. He has played clubs and small groups, but never professionally or attempted to record and has little to no interest in recording what he sings.

Poetry: While he wouldn't be publishing or anything, he occasionally dabbles in Spanish poetry. He's never attempted English, but someone could translate them. Sometimes they could become songs, but mostly they're just something he dabbles in.

Literature: His mom used to read to him, mostly early to mid-20th century science fiction and fantasy. Almost as if she'd been preparing him for something she knew would happen. The Argentine writer Borges had been among one of her favorites, though she also read him Spanish translations of Bradbury and other successful writers of that time period. While some kids grew up with fairy tales, he grew up with these complex and not at all child appropriate tales. But it created a lifelong appreciation for books and literature, making him well read. He always carries a few books in his travel pack.

English and Spanish: He reads and writes both fluently, and with very good pronunciation. He sounds like a native Argentine speaker of Spanish, but can change his inflection to sound more Mexican if he needs to, and he speaks English almost as if he were born and raised in America.

Odds and Ins: Mateo has gathered some basic skills, though could not be considered good at most of them. He knows how to barter, how to cook, how to hide, how to drive, how to build and repair buildings and furniture, how to mend clothes, how to set up a camp. He has no formal education in almost any of it, but while trying to live on his own, and even offer assistance to various groups fleeing the government, the military and even terrorist regimes, he learned the basics of whatever they needed him to do at the time.

Electrical Engineering: That was his major in university and what he got his Masters in, with a focus on power systems engineering. While he hasn't worked in it in a few years, he still has the education and the fundamentals down, as well as the degree (albeit an Argentine degree). It gives him a solid grounding in mathematics, physics and most ranges of electronics, including computer hardware, electronics, microprocessors and telecommunications. But his focus had been in power systems and he had worked almost exclusively with power companies in the generation, transmission and distribution. This included two power plants, one wind and one thermal (natural gas). He also worked on some independent power supply systems and generators, including battery chargers. Due to the lack of solar power in Argentina, he does not have much training with the use of Solar, but he does know the basics. It allows him to understand electric grids, and the like, as well as work on them. His previous experience and training might allow him, with some additional classes (which he's looking into), to get a job at a power company, power plant or with grid maintenance. It also means he knows enough about electronics to do repairs with the right available tools and replacement parts.

Cleaning and garbage disposal: While not the most glamorous work, Ruiz did work as a janitor and garbage man. He knows what chemicals to use to clean what surface and how to dispose of garbage and drive a garbage truck. He also knows enough to find disposal sites and work with incinerators.

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