Georgia Mayes

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Non-Expressive Database

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Name Georgia Mayes Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Female
Birthdate May 3 Age 69
Height 5'4" Build Diminutive
Eyes Blue Hair White
Residence Fort Irwin, CA
Employment Unknown
Parents Classified Siblings Classified
Marital Status Classified Children Classified
First Scene Flesh and Steel Last Scene
Profile Once a high ranking official of the Department of Evolved Affairs, now known Humanis First! leader, last known disappearing westwards in the advent of the Civil War. Cruel, corrupt, and cut throat, Mayes took on the mantel of Director during her time as a leader of the last remaining Humanis First! stronghold, Fort Irwin.
Georgia Mayes
portrayed by
Helen Mirren


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