Mazhar Basim Nader

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Name Mazhar Basim Nader Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate April 3, 1974 Age 45
Height 5' 8" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Gray
Residence Williamsburg
Employment SESA Technical Specialist, Forensics
Parents Mihyar Hudhayfah Nader (father; deceased)
Jada Zainab Nader (mother)
Siblings None
Marital Status Nashwan Nazari-Nader (husband; deceased) Children None
First Scene Smokeless Fire Last Scene
Profile Mazhar Basim Nader is SESA New York's technical specialist within their forensics division. He is a second-generation Egyptian immigrant and a former FBI forensics examiner. He defected from his position in 2011 following the Cambridge massacre along with several of his coworkers and fought alongside Resistance forces against the Mitchell administration. Following the civil war he was scouted by Claudia Zimmerman for appointment within SESA.
Mazhar Basim Nader
portrayed by
Omar Metwally
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