Lisbeth Melody DiMico

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Name Lisbeth Melody DiMico Aliases Melody Sessions
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Biological) Ability Volatile Healing
Gender Female
Birthdate February 13th, 1987 Age 33
Height 5'6" Build Slender
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence The Bastion
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Alma Sessions (Mother, estranged)
Christian DiMico (Father, deceased)
Siblings None Known
Marital Status Widow (Alison Lyde) Children None
First Scene Fresh Hell Last Scene
Profile Lisbeth Melody DiMico is a former New York transient turned socialite turned resistance fighter. Bestowed with an ability that allows her to save others at the expense of her own well being, she is an anxious and uncertain woman who none the less wants to help save the people she can. Spurred forward by the memory of her wife, she has returned to New York with the aim of joining Wolfhound.
Lisbeth Melody DiMico
portrayed by

Willa Holland

"My head is made up of memories
Most of them useless delusions
This room is bored of rehearsal
And sick of the boundaries
I miss you so much."


this is me trying


For those we can yet save.


+ Guns, Lots Of Guns - A skill gained in the last decade of her life, Melody knows how to use, operate, and clean most common firearms. Anything beyond that is typically lost on her - she doesn't know variants, histories, attachments, or much else. But give her something to shoot and maintain, and she'll rarely let you down.

+ Physical Fitness - It's hard not to be in good shape when you had to fight in a war. Time and addiction have tempered her physical resilience somewhat, but she can still put most others through their paces if it comes to it.

+ Medic! - Though she lacks any formal training, during the war Melody often found herself saddled into a medic like position due to her ability. This led her to learn an immense amount about battlefield medicine and care in a very short amount of time.

+ Streetwise - Having spent some time living a transient life has given her an odd array of street smarts; even in post-War New York, she still knows more about the City's holes and crevices than most people realise, and nows how to handle herself out on the street.

- Addictive Personality - Years of partying have left Melody with a bit of a problem with addiction. While it has yet to impact her life in any serious or dangerous ways, she attaches to things way too easily - both substances and people. Right now alcohol seems to be her addiction of choice.

Do You Know Me?

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Volume Three: Horizons

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