Dr. Edwin C. Menard

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Non-Expressive Database

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Name Dr. Edwin Menard Aliases Dr. Edwin Charles Marten
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate Septmebr 13, 1951 Age 67
Height 6'5" Build Skin and Bones
Eyes Hazel Hair White and balding
Residence Williamsburg
Employment Brooklyn College
Parents Deceased Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Widowed Children N/A
First Scene Last Scene

A Biology Professor at Brooklyn College. He taught Biology at Columbia before the war. He is old enough to retire, but wants to keep teaching.

His identity of Marten was fabricated by the Company in 2006. Before then he had been with the Company since 1984. He was not involved in the mass redaction that occurred at the time, because he had other jobs. He worked with the Company in Los Angeles and New York.

Dr. Edwin C. Menard
portrayed by

Tom Noonan
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