Merlyn Hitchens

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Name Merlyn Alabaster Hitchens Aliases Lynn Fisher
Merlyn King
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Female
Birthdate June 12th, 1994 Age 27
Height 5'4" Build Petite
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence Red Hook
Employment The World
Parents Katie King (mother; deceased)
Unknown father
Siblings None
Marital Status Elliot Hitchens (Husband) Children None
First Scene It'll Come Back Around Part I Last Scene
Profile With a sweet smile and a silver tongue, Merlyn makes her living by convincing others of what may or may not be true. She hawks stolen wares, forged art, and just anything in general she can get her hands on or act as a middle-man for in deals. Also she has a secret hope the world isn't entirely awful, but she won't tell.
Merlyn Hitchens
portrayed by

Florence Pugh



Date Time Title Participants
03/15 Early Afternoon The Lady Arcane Merlyn, Aman
04/20 Afternoon Find Me In The Lies Merlyn, Elliot
04/21 Afternoon Pizza Girl Merlyn, Elliot
04/21 Evening Fear Of Love Of Hope Merlyn, Elliot
04/22 Morning The Wizard King Merlyn, Wright
05/06 Afternoon Working On It Merlyn, Dumortier
05/15 Afternoon Aggressive Hospitality Merlyn, Lance
05/20 Evening What's In A Label Merlyn, Elliot
05/21 Late Morning License to Wed Merlyn, Elliot
05/22 Evening Pending Merlyn, Brynn, Kendall, and Lance
05/23 Afternoon Where We Keep Our Emergency Stuff Merlyn, Elliot
05/24 Morning Iridescent Merlyn, Elliot, Wright
06/01 Afternoon Charity Drive Merlyn, Elliot, Dumortier
Evening Never Left Unsaid Merlyn, Elliot
06/10-06/12 Katie and Merlyn Merlyn, Elliot
06/12 Afternoon It'll Come Back Around Part I Merlyn, Ricky, and…
06/12 Late Afternoon Who the Fuck is Kain Zarek? Merlyn, Joey
06/15 Late Afternoon The BFF Seal of Approval Merlyn, Joey
06/16 Late Afternoon Hearts Of Copper Merlyn, August
06/17 Wee Hours It'll Come Back Around, Part III Merlyn and ???
Early Morning Pending Merlyn and Joey
Evening A Close Scrape Merlyn and Wright
07/02 Evening They Took My Baby Merlyn and Wright
07/03 Morning Hitched Elisabeth, Marthe, and Merlyn
Late Evening Marriott Rewards Elliot, Merlyn, and Wright
07/05 Dawn The Decanter of Tokay Merlyn and Wright
07/06 Morning Legitimate Privacy Concerns Huruma, Merlyn, and Wright


elaine_icon.gif Head Curator of the Yamagato Fellowship Center and Time Traveler
everleigh_icon.gif A passionate psychiatrist (and workaholic) with a secret nerdy side.
liza_icon.gif The peppiest of SESA agents
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