Nick Ruskin

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Name Nicholas Emil Ruskin Aliases Nick York
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Male
Birthdate September 28, 1987 Age 33
Height 6' Build Lean
Eyes Blue Hair Dark brown
Residence Flexible
Employment CIA
Parents Sophia Ruskin
Gregory York
Siblings Eileen Ruskin, deceased
or Eileen Ruskin
It's very confusing, okay?
Marital Status Single Children Benji Ryans
First Scene Shared Burden Last Scene Broken Crown Part IV
Profile Nick Ruskin, aka Nick York, has turned in his Interpol badge for CIA credentials and has been mostly working on gathering intelligence of the escaped war criminals, sometimes allying with Wolfhound in the process.
Nick Ruskin
portrayed by

Colin O'Donoghue



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I Spy

Tradecraft: First an undercover Interpol officer and now trained by the CIA, Nick is well trained in the various espionage strategies and techniques used for surveillance, counter-surveillance, communication, asset management, interrogation, and escape and evasion.


delia_icon.gif Delia knows Nick better than he knows himself and still somehow manages to love him. He feels he'll never be the man she deserves, but he does his best — sometimes at a distance. But they can always be together in dreams.
benji_icon.gif A strange relationship — Benji is his child from the future, and a child he feels he failed. He's grateful for the chance to know her in this timeline, even if theirs is a relationship that will always feel a little awkward. He will do what he can to protect her, even if it's more likely he's the one in danger.



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