Niki Zimmerman

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Name Nikolette Zimmerman Aliases Nicole Sanders, Jessica, Gina, Lorine Hawk
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) Ability Microwave Emission
Gender Female
Birthdate August 24, 1974 Age 45
Height 5'9" Build Athletic
Eyes Grey-Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Praxia
Employment Safe Zone Cooperative Citizen's Watch
Parents Claudia Zimmerman† and Adam Monroe (biological)
Hal Sanders, Kelly Sullivan (adoptive)
Siblings Jessica Sanders† (adopted)
Barbara Zimmerman (identical)
Niklaus Zimmerman (adopted)
Tracy Strauss (identical, estranged)
Chess Lang, Lanhua Chen†, Kimberly Oliver (half)
Alix Glass, Ivy Hollows†, Valerie Swift, Violet Sharp† (half)
Jacelyn Childs
Marital Status Single Children Micah Sanders
First Scene The Truth Last Scene Dragonslayer, Part IV

Niki emerged on the other side of the war to take up a supporting role in the founding of the SZC.

At the end of all things, Niki stood alongside her family — both blood and chosen — and faced it with dignity.

Niki Zimmerman
portrayed by

Ali Larter

Said I was an afterthought you'd bring along
Well, who you after now, bitch?
Run, motherfucker, run

- Kidneythieves, "Zerøspace"



Babs barbara_icon.gif Barbara is Niki's twin sister, and closest friend. They don't always see eye to eye on everything, but her different perspective is always appreciated. There is very little Niki wouldn't do for her family, and Babs comes first and foremost among them.
Mom claudia_icon.gif Her mother in blood and in the bond they'd kindled in her adulthood, Claudia was a great many complicated things to Niki. She supported and nurtured her during the war, helping her to get sober and learn to control her ability. She maneuvered Niki to have a place in the founding of the Safe Zone Council, and an influence over the shape of things to come as the city rebuilt. Claudia gave Niki a purpose at a time when she was most rudderless. She also kept a great many secrets from her, and that's something Niki will never fully be able to reckon with.
Chess chess3_icon.gif Chess Lang is Niki's half-sister, sharing DNA with Adam Monroe. One of many, as it turns out. The two don't know each other terribly well, but they're good at sitting together in a bar and talking around their problems. Or saying nothing at all and just enjoying the silent knowledge that someone else understands. Niki's come to accept her as a sister, and hopes that once this madness is over, they can cultivate a proper relationship.
Jac squeaks4_icon.gif Jacelyn Childs is also a half-sister to Niki through Adam's blood. The young girl is also the adopted daughter of her friend Gillian. Adam has tasked Niki with looking after Jac, and she intends to do just that. If she can help convince her that Adam's not the paragon she's set him up to be in the process, so much the better.
Jessica jessica_icon.gif The bitch is back. Jessica Sanders is both a part of Niki's personality and separate. While she believed her gone around the start of the war, there was always a sense of dread that Jessica might return. Rather, that something might necessitate her return. That Niki might not be strong enough, and find she once again had need of her. After her arrival at Praxia, Niki began dissociating and finding she was losing time. She chalked it up to stress, nerves, and boredom, rather than entertain the notion of the truth. When her mother was murdered, Jessica wrested control and sought vengeance for Niki's pain. As they move forward with Adam's plan to save the world, Jessica is fighting for control. If she has her way, she'll be walking Niki right out of harm's way and to hell with everyone else.


Log Icons
A New Day Fallen Zerø Fractured Broken
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Date Title Summary Participants
04/25 Elusive Blonde in the Wild A friendship that needs no kindling to flare to life once more. Elisabeth
05/27 Assignments The Hands of Mary meet to discuss how to serve the community. Ezra, Isabelle, Jonathan, Luther, and Miriam
06/20 The Painful Truth Family dinners never go as planned. Barbara, Claudia, and Richard
11/07 Loose Lips Sink Ships The past never does stay buried. Huruma and Lance
11/27 Together Now The boiling point is finally reached. Elaine, Faulkner, Roxie, Seren, and Shaw
Now Turn Always in the thick of it. Adam
11/28 That's You It's time to move forward to do what needs to be done for family. Adam and Val
11/29 Playing Sisyphus Commiseration and revelation. Gillian
12/01 Fall, Break, Pick Up, Start Over The tether is stronger than expected. Squeaks
12/04 What They Deserve There are some startling revelations at hand. Chess
Date Title Summary Participants
02/08 End of Days And here we are squabbling. Adam, Alix, Chess, Gillian, Ivy, Joy, Lanhua, Lene, Ryans, Sabine, Squeaks, Val, and Vi
02/13 A Memory of Blood There's more blood than water under the bridge sometimes. Claudia and Sabine
02/18 Save the World It's time to stop holding back. Sabine
02/19 How This Ends There aren't a lot of ways it all can. Gillian
02/27 The Eight-Pointed Star, Part II The loss of one family member heralds the return of another. Adam, Alice, Alix, Chess, Claudia, Jessica, Joy, Lanhua, Sabine, Squeaks, and Vi
The Eight-Pointed Star, Part VII The clash was inevitable. Adam, Alix, Chess, Gillian, Ivy, Jessica, Joy, Lene, Squeaks, and Val
02/28 Dragonslayer, Part IV In the eye, in the mirror, I am alone, alone in this all. Chess, Gillian, Jessica, and Squeaks


Fighting: Adept in hand-to-hand combat and can even throw in an improvised weapon now and again when she needs to. Even without her super strength, she's still formidable in a scrap.

Marksman: Firearms training was money well spent. Handguns, sniper rifles, there's a large range of munitions that she can use to her advantage.

Computer Savvy: Aside from her son being a super genius about computers, Niki is more than competent in use of a PC, having run her own business by setting up her own website and internet friendly film equipment. She can definitely do more than Google something.

Negotiations: Whether it be through diplomacy, seduction, intimidation, or cold, hard cash, Niki is a skilled at getting what she needs. Her sense of decorum has improved under her mother's guidance. While she has a few more limits now than she used to, there's still little she won't do to get her way, if she feels the cause is righteous.

Motherhood: Niki was devoted to Micah and did everything in her power to protect and provide for him. That instinct extends to other children.

Local Geography: Niki is exceptionally adept at finding all the best places to hide contraband. Or bodies. Just give her a map and X will mark the spot.

Vehicle Maintenance: Owning a Cadillac that she's used more than once to transport bodies in means that Niki made sure she knew how to change a flat or fix minor mechanical issues. The last thing she needed was to blow a tire, and blow her cover.

Gambling: Niki used to deal at the Corinthian and later the Montecito in Las Vegas. Over the years, she continued to practice this skill, which makes her an expert at counting cards. Sometimes it can be hard for her to recognize when to quit. She finds it easier to do when it isn't her own money she's playing with.

Business Sense: Thanks to Jessica, Niki owned her own club in Las Vegas for a time. She got her start managing at other clubs around the city while she was still living with Peter. Niki knows how to keep the books and make the tough decisions to keep a business running. And knows when to bring in help when she doesn't have the answers.

Scavenging:The SZC didn't build itself. Niki learned how to sort through the ruins of New York and sift out what's trash and what can be re-purposed. She's well familiar with the street value of some of the scrap and trinkets she comes across.


Known to Most

  • If there's something you're looking for in the ruins of the city, Niki might be willing to find it for you. For the right price, or the right cause.

Known to Some

  • If you're looking for something illegal, Niki might be willing to play go-between with one of her less scrupulous contacts to get it for you.
  • Off the sauce, Niki finally appears to be winning the battle against her biggest demon. She can quit again any time she wants.

Known to Few

  • The half helix tattoo on her right shoulderblade only appears when her ability is in use Jessica comes out to play, and no one's quite sure what that's about.
  • Has a small hook tattooed in red on the side of her ribs.
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