Nikola Mirković

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Name Nikola Mirković (Никола Мирковић) Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Nervous System Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate 10 November 1980 Age 38
Height 6'0" / 183 cm Build Fit; slightly underweight
Eyes Blue Hair Dark Brown
Residence Rochester, New York, U.S.A.
Employment Translator and interpreter, Coldbridge Financial Solutions
Parents Miroslav and Dijana Mirković Siblings N/A
Marital Status Engaged to Spencer Greaves Children N/A
First Scene The Most Well-Deserved Wine Last Scene
Profile A Serbian immigrant whose major claims to fame are a shady wartime past and a stint as cellist in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. Since taking up residence in the US, he has been working for Coldbridge Financial Solutions as a translator and interpreter.
Nikola Mirković
portrayed by
Cedric Bihr



  • Common Knowledge: Nikola is a Serbian immigrant who currently serves dual roles as an interpreter and translator for Coldbridge Financial Solutions in Rochester, NY. He's a smoker. He wears a band on his right ring finger.
  • Known to Some: Nikola is engaged to Spencer Greaves. Not many people in the U.S. know that he was a combatant in the Bosnian War, or that he was twice wounded in action; those who know of his involvement are presumably capable of doing the math on how old he was at the time.
  • Known to Few: The details of Nikola's military service are kept utterly private, and are discussed with almost no one save for his fiancé. Before his current relationship with Spencer, Nikola had earned himself a reputation as an indiscriminate heartbreaker who romantically pursued both male and female partners.


  • Artistic: Nikola has an artist's eye, and since he's got both raw ability and professional training, he's quite good. He dropped out of a fine arts degree in painting, but still enjoys drawing recreationally, most often with pencils, charcoal, or ballpoint pens. He has excellent penmanship. Thanks to extensive study since childhood, a university degree in music, and years of working as a performer, Nikola plays the violin and cello at a professional level. Though no longer affiliated with an orchestra, he would like to pursue such an opportunity if ever one presented itself.
  • Jack of All Trades: While still a starving artist just starting out in his career, Nik held a very wide array of temporary jobs. He is not a skilled laborer by any means, but he does have experience with under-the-table work and unskilled industries in general, especially when those industries employ high volumes of migrant workers. He has accordingly cobbled together an extremely eclectic and disconnected variety of skills, none of which are terribly developed, but many of which are nevertheless useful, such as basic carpentry and rudimentary plumbing.
  • Military Veteran: Nikola knows how to use, maintain, and to some extent repair firearms and other modern weaponry. He is not an exceptional shot; his marksmanship is basically average, though he does have the benefit of active combat experience and is accustomed to functioning while under fire. He is familiar with military protocols, ranks, and commands, and has a reasonable knowledge of military strategy (most notably guerrilla and urban tactics).
  • Polyglot: Nikola was raised in a multilingual society where a minority of residents are monolingual. Serbo-Croat, his mother tongue, is close enough to other southern Slavonic languages that he can usually make himself understood to their speakers and vice-versa with varying degrees of effectiveness and accuracy. In school, he chose to pursue deeper education in "useful" Western languages — English was taught in public schools, and he acquired fluency through a mix of long-term schooling and consuming American and British media. He took on German as a second language course in his secondary school and continued studying it (and eventually also French) while in university and beyond, likewise immersing himself in books and television shows. English and German are his strongest secondary languages, which is to say that he is fluent in both, and while he is not fluent in French he is reasonably competent. His Serbian accent is fairly strong when he speaks French or English and he is readily identifiable as a non-native speaker, but his command of German pronunciation is practically flawless thanks to the years he has spent living in primarily German-speaking countries.
  • Vehicles: Nik can drive both manual and automatic transmission cars and ride a motorcycle. He knows how to sail a sailboat, and has briefly driven a tank or two in his time and could probably get one moving if he had to. The realities of life in Eastern Europe mean he's pretty decent at troubleshooting and repairing mechanical problems experienced by older and less-electronically-dependent vehicles, as well as simply performing regular vehicle maintenance.


spencer_icon.gif Fiancé. Genuinely beloved, and Nik's #1 priority after his own well-being. Nik is fully aware of just how lucky he is to have found someone who treats him as well as Spencer does, and he tries to reciprocate such consideration and care.


13 February, 2019: The Most Well-Deserved Wine
4 March, 2019: If You Insist

Miscellany/Author's Notes

  • Moderate smoker. Nik has been smoking since he was 13, having picked up the habit shortly after joining the army. He's never managed to kick it.
  • Caffeine addict. Huge coffee drinker; takes it black and usually very strong. Also loves tea, particularly black tea.
  • Cosmopolite. As a man frequently on the move for his work for quite some time, Nikola has lived in a number of major European cities outside of his hometown of Belgrade. These cities include (but are not limited to) Birmingham, Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Cologne, Salzburg, Brno, Prague, Plzeň, Ostrava, Zürich, Bern, Winterthur, Toulon, Nice, Istanbul, Warsaw, and Lublin.


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