Odette Lang

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Name Odette Lang Aliases Adell "Addie" Varlane
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Unmanifested
Gender Female
Birthdate July 26, 2012 Age 8
Height Still Tiny Build Medium Potato Sack
Eyes Brown Hair Reddish
Residence Providence
Employment N/A
Parents Joshua Lang (adoptive father)
Magnes Varlane (birth father)
Elaine Darrow-Varlane (birth mother)
Elaine Darrow (mother)
Siblings None
Marital Status N/A Children Odette's Stuffed Animals
First Scene Into the Dead Zone, Part VI Last Scene

Born Adell "Addie" Varlane in the Bright Timeline. She was kidnapped by Eileen "Kazimir" Grey and transported to Prime where she was raised by the Butcher of Mandritsara as Odette Lang. Reunited with her birth father and the alternate dimensional version of her mother, her family has grown, but she has made the decision to keep the name Odette.

Now she is displaced in the timeline with her mother, a handful of her stuffed animal friends, a couple of boys with extraordinary abilities, and a stranger who dances while waiting for the bus.

Odette Lang
portrayed by

Ava Grace Cooper
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