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Name Ollie Anderson Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Keratokinesis
Gender Male
Birthdate September 5, 1977 Age 41
Height 6' Build Large
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence Providence colony
Employment Providence fields
Parents Palmer and Solveig Anderson Siblings 5 brothers
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene The Perfect Plant Last Scene Doom Comes to Providence
portrayed by

Tom Hardy



Skill Description
Jack of all trades Being a farm boy, Ollie's learned to perform the basics of any type of maintenance. He can fix a short in a wire, a crack in a metal pipe, or tiles on a roof. He's not an expert at any of it, but he can get by.
Mechanic Ollie can do small and large engine repair. He's not a ticketed mechanic but he is easily as skilled as a third year apprentice and only gets better with practice. He's unable to diagnose what is wrong with an engine on his own without a bit of experimentation but if he's told what the problem is, he knows how to fix it easily.
Hand to hand combat He has a lot of brothers and he wasn't the extrovert. What this means is that he's had a lifetime of trying to stick up for himself against more than one opponent. He can wrestle, box, and knows a bit of kicking. He's also not ashamed to fight a bit dirty when he needs to.
Firearms He's proficient with a rifle and a good aim too. He's been practicing on small and large game since he was old enough to join his dad on hunting trips. He can disassemble, clean, and reassemble a rifle blindfolded if he needs to. A skill that comes in handy in the dark.
Agriculture Ollie can grow a great field of crops, he knows by look and feel what plants need in order to thrive. He knows what fertilizers and repellants they need at what time, when to water and when they are dry enough to pull off the field.
Animal husbandry His family farm didn't have many animals, but Ollie does know his way around a cow and a horse. He knows how to birth calves and how to treat illnesses in large animals.
Farm machinery Ollie can drive a tractor, a swather, a combine, and even a semi truck. Having had to help with harvests since he was twelve, he's got enough knowledge and experience for a class 1 license.
Fiddle Ollie used to play from the time he was a young boy well into his twenties. After the war, he scavenged an old fiddle from an abandoned building and has been practicing again. His sort of music is exactly what old time country boys and mountain folk like to dance a jig to.
Hiking/climbing Ollie has spent most of his life in the untamed wilds of the Rocky Mountains. He's an experienced hiker, climber, and wilderness guide. His can't track but he does know what to look for when it comes to getting a sure footing or grip. He is able to lift his own weight without the help of pullies or others.
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