Owain Mihangle

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Name Owain (Pronounced 'Owen') Griffin Mihangle, Jr. Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) (COM) Ability Metallokinesis
Gender Male
Birthdate January 26, 2000 Age 18
Height 6'2" Build Slim
Eyes Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Brooklyn College
Employment Student, Chemistry Major, Brooklyn College
Intern, Raytech Industries
Parents Griffin Owain Mihangle
Cindy Mihangle †
Mackenzie Marjorie Mihangle † (Aunt, Legal Guardian)
Nadira Karim (Stepmother)
Siblings Mackenzie Marjorie Mihangle II (AKA Jori)
Marital Status Single Children
First Scene Downstairs Upstairs Neighbours (First Scene Ever)
Awkward Semi-Reunions (First Aftermath Scene)
Last Scene
Profile The son of Griffin Mihangle, Owain has lived a rather difficult and complicated life. He has freshly started at Brooklyn College after graduating from high school a year early and is eager to see what life in NYC will be like.
Owain Mihangle
portrayed by

Shawn Mendes



Owain's logs

Skills & Such

Owain isn't the most athletic person out there, but he likes trying to impress the girls sometimes. He is in moderately good shape, though he is by no means buff.


The Stepmother. However, Owain has known her only as 'mom' for the past eight years, however, and he loves her very dearly. His dad loved her with every fiber of his being, and she gave him and his dad little Jori. Griffin made Owain promise to stay by Nadira's side and take care of her and his sister once he passed on, and he fully intends to keep that promise — really, he wouldn't have it any other way.
The Baby Sister. It's really quite difficult to put Owain's relationship to his baby sister into words. She was born deaf but has always been a bright and shining little light in everyone's lives despite her disability. He loves her pretty fiercely, and he is quite the protective older brother. They often have animated chat sessions, speaking in ASL, and have their own little secret language that they share with each other. They love playing video games together, and generally going out and about on adventures; Owain doesn't really mind babysitting duties. There is nothing he wouldn't do to protect her — when it comes to Jori, there is no such thing as too far.


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