Pippa Ryans

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Name Phillipa Allyn Ryans Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability Unmanifested
Gender Female
Birthdate February 21, 2012 Age 9
Height 4'5" Build Slight
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence 64 South 4th Street, Williamsburg
Employment Fifth Grader, Winslow Crawford Academy for the Gifted
Parents Nicole Miller (mother)
Benjamin Ryans† (father)
Zachery Miller (step-father)
Siblings Ingrid Ryans† (sister)
Brad Russo (half-brother)
Lucille Ryans (half-sister)
Delia Ryans (half-sister)
Harvey Miller (half-brother)
Avery Miller (half-sister)
Marital Status BFFs with Jonah Whitney Children
First Scene Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens Last Scene
Profile Born at the start of the Second Civil War, Pippa is an energetic girl with a big family and an even bigger heart. History will remember most of her family as larger than life figures and she's got the courage to follow in those steps.
Pippa Ryans
portrayed by

Alyvia Alyn Lind



Pipsqueak Mother's Child
pippa_icon.gif pippa2_icon.gif
Younger Current
Date Title Participants
2012 - 2018
02/24 And Baby Makes Three Colette and Nicole
02/22 Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens Delia and Nicole
03/01 Welcomed, Wanted Huruma and Nicole
03/06 Thank You For Your Sacrifice Gillian, Jonah, Nicole, Peyton, and Russo
09/13 Consequences Nicole
09/23 Remember Him As He Was Benji, Calvin, Delia, Ingrid, Lucille, Nicole, Ryans, and Sofia
11/17 Popcorn at Sea Nicole
05/15 Nosy Neighbors Chris, Kara, Nicole, and Ryans
06/21 Candlelight Cookout Chris, Dumortier, Eileen, Kara, Pippa, Reena, Ryans, Sharrow, Sophie, and Weasel
07/22 Ride Safe Kara, Nicole, and Yi-Min
08/30 Will All the Water in the Ocean Adam, Nicole, and Ryans
08/31 Concern Nicole and Zachery
09/02 A Unifying Factor Lucille and Nicole
02/21 Eight Nicole, Seren, and Zachery
06/20 The Color of Twilight Nicole and Zachery
07/04 Songs of Summer Delilah, Dirk, Faulkner, Lance, Magnes, Matthew, Nicole, Richard, Robyn, Rue, Seren, and Walter
10/15 !gnaB Castle, Nicole, and Zachery
12/06 The Hunting Trip, Part I Harry, Nicole, and Zachery
01/30 What We Had To Nicole and Zachery
01/31 Too Big for a Basket Colette, Hugo, Tasha, and Zachery


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