Kara Prince

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Name Kara Prince Aliases ████████
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Female
Birthdate February 23, 1983 Age 98 (at time of death in 2008)
Height 5' 11" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Unknown
Parents Clayton J. Prince (father)
Teresa S. Prince (mother)
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Scene Years Gone Last Scene
Profile Kara Prince is a former United States Marine who was trapped in Afghanistan during the Second American Civil War. There she was radicalized by Humanis First and stayed overseas after the war ended, joining up with cells of Pure Earth. She participated in the 2019 attack on the Itinerant Dawn space launch. Due to events transpiring with the explosion of the Dawn and its pilot's ability, Kara Prince found herself stranded in 1947, where she was adopted into the OSI by Marcus Raith. She carried out her duties in the OSI and onward, loyally serving Marcus until her death of natural causes in 2008 at the age of 98.
Kara Prince
portrayed by
Emily Blunt
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