Rasheed Mustang

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Name Rasheed Mustang Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Temporal Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate September 25th 1986 Age 31
Height 6'0" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Some Awesome Place Somewhere
Employment SESA
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Mustang Siblings None Hopefully
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Rasheed, aka Agent Mustang, is a SESA Agent who used to be FBI. He's been around the block for a bit and tries to take things with a positive attitude, when he doesn't have his teeth sunk into a mystery that occasionally causes him to alienate people. He's a man of duality, the strong belief in his positive, fun-loving self, and the marriage to his duty and career. And also he has those awesome classic red suede Pumas, aw shit.
Rasheed Mustang
portrayed by

Michael B. Jordan

"You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look GOOD. " - Agent J, Men in Black


Special Notes

Recently time displaced? Recently arrived from another dimension? Has it only been months since the event?

Have an item that fits this criteria?

Let me know if we're in a scene together.

Because Rasheed knows.


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