Raul Espinoza

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Name Raúl Espinoza Rodríguez Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Male
Birthdate November 27, 1980 Age 38
Height 5' 11" Build athletic
Eyes dk brown Hair black
Residence 1301 Gravesend Neck Road, Sheepshead Bay
Employment C & R Salvage Co. (co-owner)
Parents Siblings
Marital Status divorced Children Daniel Espinoza Alvarez
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Raul is a former Army combat engineer and Civil War veteran turned architectural salvage expert, a native of Rochester now running his own business in the NYSZ.
Raul Espinoza
portrayed by
Miguel Ángel Silvestre


Trivia and Notes

Name: Espinoza is Raul's legal surname. Rodríguez is his apellido materno per Spanish tradition, which has no analogue in American bureaucracy. He has no middle name.

Hooks and Connections


  • Adoptable: ex-wife Regina
  • Adoptable: teenage son Daniel
  • Extended relations (siblings, cousins, etc.)
  • Sheepshead Bay community: fellow residents, commuters, visitors
  • Friends, former service members, sport/outdoors enthusiasts, etc.


  • Full-time employment by C & R Salvage (2 positions, physically demanding work)
  • Day labor in salvage/demolition
  • Purchase salvaged materials for repair projects, renovation, or new construction
  • Contract for building salvage and/or demolition
  • Commission for item recovery from war-damaged areas, derelict ruins, or Dead Zones
  • One apartment available for rent


  • Grew up on the poor side of Rochester
  • Army service 2002-2014, combat engineer and carpentry/masonry specialist
  • Deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Served on loyalist side in Second Civil War


Volume I: Resurrection
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