Silas Redd

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Name Silas Mackenzie Aliases Silas Redd
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Perceptual Obfuscation
Gender Male
Birthdate December 24, 1972 Age 45
Height 6'2" Build Wiry
Eyes Gray Hair Reddish-brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Hitman for Gideon d'Sarthe
Parents Deceased Siblings Deceased
Marital Status Lyndsay MacKenzie (wife; deceased) Children Antonia MacKenzie (daughter; estranged)
First Scene A Sea of Redd Last Scene
Profile Silas Redd was once an honest man, but a lifetime of poor choices and lost opportunities have turned him into a hardened criminal and a vicious murderer. Once a triggerman for Daniel Linderman, he now throws his stock in with the infamous Gideon d'Sarthe.
Silas Redd
portrayed by

Willem Dafoe
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