Rhett Thorne

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Name Rhett Thorne Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive A/C Kinetic Ability Hydrokinesis (Short range)
Gender Male
Birthdate Dec 1 Age 29
Height 6'2 Build Athletic
Eyes Pale Blue Hair Dirty Blonde
Residence Sheepshead Bay, NY
Employment Variable
Parents Luke Thorne (Deceased)
Jillian Thorne (Deceased)
Siblings Chloe Thorne (Deceased)
Lauren Thorne (Deceased)
Marital Status In a Relationship (Elaine) Children None
First Scene Cayenne and Honey Last Scene
Profile Rhett was once an emergency responder that had hopes to be a doctor. The war changed a lot for many people: these days he is well known sanitation repairman, but also a smuggler and sometimes informant: selling goods, travel, or information.
Rhett Thorne
portrayed by
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau



Reputation: Rhett has an interesting position in the world. He is a fixer of things other people either don't know how to fix, or don't want to. He's a sanitation specialist - and when the world is full of backed up toilets and impure water, he's valuable. He is left alone, for the most part, even by criminal groups: nobody wants their sewers to be overflowing and NOT have the plumber willing to come!

Scars: Rhett is rumored to have slit his own throat multiple times, proving how powerful he is. It is unknown if he is Evolved, but he is suspected to be regenerative.



  • Tehnically….:

Teaching: Are you a young person mechanically minded that wants to learn some technical skills? Rhett often puts together teams to go on projects to restore electricity to buildings. He's willing to teach.

Employed: Something broken in your building? Perhaps there's a gas, electrical, or sewage problem? Rhett can come out and deal with it, for a price.

  • Survival

Boats: Are you out on the water, or by the docks? Rhett has a number of caches and boats he keeps.

Alone and Cold: Lost in the forest, hungry and alone? Rhett's known to help strays, or at least teach them to fish.

  • Smuggler

Ferrymen: While not a Ferryman himself, Rhett's well known to a number of them from the war. He's an ally, though he was never known to move people. He did leave food for them, though…

Barter and Trade: Also a trader and smuggler, Rhett is lesser known to be able to find that weird item you may need. He tends to smuggle luxuries or food staples, or bring pure water to areas that lack pumps.

Crime: Rhett has had some run-ins with criminals, and usually is fairly neutral. He may or may not help a criminal, but he also might not get in the way.

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