Roger Bomber

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Name Roger Bomber Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Electric Mimicry
Gender Male
Birthdate Age 38
Height Varies Build Varies
Eyes Electric Hair Electric
Residence The Divide
Parents Unknown Siblings Layla Bomber (adopted sister)
Marital Status Unknown Children ??
First Scene Last Scene

A illusive member of the Exiles, who is often unseen, but almost always present— because he hasn't left his electric form in the last six years. He has a pet rat named Sparky II who also seems to have the strange ability to turn into electricity just like him (and is presumably the son of Sparky I).

He tends to talk to people through radios, but is capable of verbal and visual communication even in his electric form.

NPC Brought to you by Queens.

Roger Bomber
portrayed by

Jason Ritter
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