Roxanne 'Roxie' Lopez

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Name Roxanne Marie Lopez Aliases Roxanne Marie Santos
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Mental) (COM) Ability Canine Telepathy
Gender Female
Birthdate September 20, 2001 Age 19
Height 5'2" Build Light
Eyes Blue Hair Black
Residence Spring Creek Settler's Park
Employment Unemployed
Parents Ricardo Santos (father, deceased)
Amber Santos (mother, deceased)
Siblings Roman Santos (Twin Brother)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene A Reluctant Return Last Scene
Profile Just a girl trying to survive and finding her place in the grand scheme of things.
Roxanne 'Roxie' Lopez
portrayed by

Brianna Hildebrand


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Goober Bonnie
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Growing up on the run often meant having to live in the wilderness. Camps tucked away hoping to not be seen. This meant learning how to survive. From how to make a fire to scavenging. This included some hunting and fishing as well. She could set a snare or tie a hook.

Basically, Roxie could survive in the wild, though how long depends on the available resources and the weather.


The only thing in this world she trusts walks on four feet and loves her unconditionally.

Goober - When she needed someone most, she stumbled on a shabby dog waiting in the ruins of a bombed out house for his people to return. Ever since she coaxed him into being her friend, Goober has been her most loyal friend. Someone she doesn't have to fear or run from.
Bonnie - This dog was once a tree and evidence in a SESA case…. A very bad person one changed her into a lovely bonsai tree. Roxie could hear her when she was in that state, but now she's free to be a dog again! Bonnie is a hyper and energetic dog who absolutely loves everyone. EVEN CATS! (GASP!!!!)


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