Sahara Jackson

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Name Sahara Jackson Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate May 5, 1988 Age 33
Height 5'7" Build Warm and slightly fluffy
Eyes Hazel Hair Blonde
Residence Southwest Phoenix Heights
Employment Mattitude Yoga Studio, Red Hook (part time)
Body and Soul Family Chiropractic, Bay Ridge (full time)
Parents Thomas R. Jackson Jr. (father)
Jira Jackson (mother)
Siblings Nile Jackson (brother)
Nigel Jackson (brother, deceased)
Savanna Jackson (sister)
Marital Status Single Children Good lord, no
First Scene Lukewarm Yoga Last Scene
Profile A post-war transplant to New York interested in helping others through holistic care while making a new home for herself. She has a strong bond with her family, who in turn have a strong bond with anti-Evolved organizations. Namely, Humanis First.
Sahara Jackson
portrayed by

Sara Paxton



Known to Most

  • Sahara splits her time as a physical therapist and massage therapist at Body and Soul
  • She also teaches yoga classes on nights and weekends at Mattitude Yoga!
  • She really is just the biggest sweetheart to about everyone she meets

Known to Some

  • Any variation on her name that includes something sounding like 'Harry' will cause her sunny personality to vanish
  • She has a stock of essential oils and diffusers for sale to anyone who asks, or is deemed to be in need of that presence in their life
  • Only to those associated with Humanis First: The Jackson family heavily supported Humanis First's Alabama-based initiatives, opening their home as a safehouse for its members.

Known to Few

  • That safehouse? Sahara and Savanna happily helped run it; feeding, nurturing, and arming terrorists without a break in their smile. Sahara refuses to acknowledge the severity of those actions, insisting she herself never picked up a weapon in the name of the cause.
  • She's familiar with the Arrowwoods. They are not her most favorite people.
  • Sahara ferried several Pure Earth actors out of the Safe Zone after letting them lie low in her apartment in the aftermath of the inferno in June of 2021
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