S. Attva

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Name Formerly Richard Drucker, Micah Sanders, and Shen Ningdao Aliases S.Attva
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Technopathy
Gender {Unknown}
Birthdate {Unknown} Age {Unknown}
Height {Unknown} Build {Unknown}
Eyes {Unknown} Hair {Unknown}
Residence {Unknown}
Employment {Unknown}
Parents Hana Gitelman (creator) Siblings {Unknown}
Marital Status {Unknown} Children {Unknown}
First Scene Assemblance Last Scene
Profile S.Attva is the identity given to a recompilation of the "dead" technopath gestalt once known as Rebel. S.Attva was compiled and constructed by Hana Gitelman over the course of several years, utilizing data salvaged from the remains of Rebel following their decompilation. This new digital entity consists primarily of Richard Drucker and Micah Sanders' personality traits, with what little Hana also knew of the technopath Shen Ningdao. As a synthetic life-form, S.Attva represents a new form of existence, a wholly artificial consciousness built by one of the greatest technopaths ever to live. As a digital entity, S.Attva exists within technological devices and wireless communication and mechanical devices. The extents of their abilities are unknown, even to themselves.
S. Attva
portrayed by
Table of Contents


{Shame on us}

{Doomed from the start}

{May God have mercy on our dirty little hearts}

{Shame on us}

{For all we've done}

{And all we ever were}

{Just zeros and ones}


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