Seren Evans

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Name Seren Evans Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Mental) Ability Imagination Projection
Gender Non-Binary
Birthdate February 27, 1995 Age 26
Height 5'7" Build Willowy
Eyes Slate grey Hair Dark
Residence Employee Housing at Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office
Employment Architect at Raytech Industries
Parents At home in Canada Siblings None
Marital Status It's complicated Children None
First Scene Welcome to Raytech! Last Scene
Profile A bright-eyed Canadian architect come to the US for the opportunity to do worthwhile work to pad their portfolio. Their ability is as much a part of their identity as the color of their eyes.
Seren Evans
portrayed by

Asia Kate Dillon

The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Starter Light Shrewd Mystic
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Other Items of Interest

Art and Architecture Scholar - Well-versed in the history of art and architecture, Seren can identify many facts off the top of their head, and identify given styles just by looking at them.

Big Mind, Big Heart - Seren is friendly and empathetic to others as a part of who they intrinsically are, but they also trained in college to be a mentor to fellow students and help mind their mental health.

Myth, Legend, and Fantasy - Seren is well-read on fantastic creatures and myths involving them (They love ones about dragons in particular!) They enjoy discovering legends they've never before heard of, ever-eager to add to what they know.

Architect In Progress - Armed with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of British Columbia, Seren is well on their way to being a licensed professional. They're currently engaged in the required term of internships before they can make their next move.

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