Shane Bishop

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Name Shane Bishop Aliases William Spartan (Ferryman alias)
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) Ability Superhuman Muscular Strength
Gender Male
Birthdate Oct 27, 1983 Age 36
Height 6'7" Build Tank
Eyes Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Red Hook
Employment SESA
Parents Natalie Bishop
Matthias Bishop
Siblings Hank Bishop
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Scene Office Spaces Last Scene
Profile Agent Shane Bishop is ex-FBI, ex-Ferryman, ex-cop that has recently been recruited into SESA. Primarily focused on detective work and investigations, his passion for justice and unanswered questions rank him as an experienced addition to SESA. More recently, he has finally expressed his ability: explosively going from a scrawny nerd into a towering tank with super-strength. It's weird.
Shane Bishop
portrayed by
Dwayne Johnson



FBI, Quantico: Shane was an FBI agent prior to 2008, and was present in classes and training in Quantico. He worked some bizarre serial murderer style cases of the Evolved from 2005-2008. Was your character also at Quantico around that time, involved in strange cases that the FBI would have been looking into, or are they also former FBI?

Ferryman: Shane, under the alias William Spartan, worked a big leg of the Ferry in Florida. He was also present for some of the trials and law problems after the war ended, speaking on behalf of the Ferrymen and those they assisted. Were you helped by the Ferry in the south, or were you also a part of the Ferrymen?

Florida Police: After the war, Shane assisted the police department in Florida. Are you from Florida or linked to the police?

SESA: Shane is now a SESA agent in New York, and can connect to others that have some reason to be interacting with SESA.

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