Silvia Ruiz

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Name Silvia Gabriella Ruiz Aliases Unknown
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Kinetic) Ability Sand/Dust Mimicry
Gender Female
Birthdate October 22nd, 2001 Age 19
Height 5'0" Build Skinny
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence The Benchmark Center
Parents Mateo Javier Ruiz (father)
Lynette Rowan Ruiz (mother)
Siblings Manuel Ruiz (6)
Evie Ruiz (4)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Like a Quest Last Scene
Profile An eighteen-year old from Mexico, Silvia is someone who values passion. She's passionate about the comics she draws, and she's happy to share them with whomever asks. She's chipper in general, but there always seems to be something she's holding back.
Silvia Ruiz
portrayed by

Isabela Moner


2018 Timeline

3/3 Late Evening Uneasy Reunions Silvia heads to play some arcade games and observes some drama. Silvia, Des, Joe, Keira, Robyn, and Sibyl
3/4 Morning Lavender Trees on a Brick Wall Silvia reflects on the nature of art and witnesses some tagging. Silvia and Caspian
Evening La Mano de Destino Silvia meets with friends and ponders on the nature of the hand of destiny. Silvia, Joe, and Lance
3/6 Noon Thank You For Your Sacrifice Silvia attends the grand opening of the Children's Library. Silvia, Caspian, Colette, Des, Eve, Gillian, Graeme, Joe, Kaylee, Lance, Lynette, Nicole, Peyton, Robyn, Russo, Sibyl, and Tasha
3/9 Noon Use Your Words Things get a little tense when the girls think Cesar might have it in for Eimi. Silvia, Arlo, Brynn, Cesar, Chess, Eimi, and Iris
Evening Lighthouses and Sandcastles Silvia has the boys over for dinner and to (re)meet her parents. Silvia, Joe, Lance, Lynette, and Mateo


mateo_icon.gif Her father and savior. Whenever she's turned around looking for help, Mateo has always had her back. Silvia plays favorites and Mateo is one of the few at the top of her list. She loves him dearly and relies on him when she finds herself in a bind. She trusts him completely.
lynette_icon.gif Her mother. Lynette is very important to Silvia. A pillar of strength and understanding, Silvia feels like she could come to Lynette with just about any problem and she would help her through it. She's a light at the end of the tunnel. She's also at the top of the Most Important People list with Mateo.


(Listed in chronological order)

  • Incomplete
  • Written in English
  • Lance and Joe are two young adults just trying to make their way in the world. When Lance pranks Joe with a squid (hereafter known as The Squid Incident), he inadvertently stumbles literally into the middle of a drug deal. It all goes wrong and it's up to Lance and Joe to save the innocent bystanders before someone gets hurt!


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