Jac "Squeaks" Childs

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Name Jac (Jacelyn) "Squeaks" Bailey Morrison Childs Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) Ability Echolocation
Superhuman Strength (gemini)
Teleportation (gemini)
Invulnerability (gemini)
Gender Female
Birthdate August 2003 Age 17
Height 4'11" Build Skinny
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence Elmhurst
Employment Intern at Raytech Industries
Parents adoptive mother: Gillian Childs
biological: Adam Monroe
biological: Claudia Zimmerman
surrogate: Cindy Morrison
Siblings Known -
half: Chess Lang
half: Niki Zimmerman
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Guess Who Came to Dinner? Last Scene
Profile Squeaks, who more commonly goes by Jac these days, is well known around the NYCSZ. Once upon a time she lived on the streets, often seeking refuge within the labyrinthine sewer system beneath the city. In 2018 she moved above ground and within a year was adopted by Gillian Childs. She has ties and connections within multiple organizations, including SESA and Raytech Industries and a band of young adults formerly known as the Lighthouse Kids. She has a knack for finding things, a determination that borders on being a fault, and an unmatched curiosity that could be classified as obsessive.
Jac "Squeaks" Childs
portrayed by

Sophia Lillis



Known to Some

  • She lives with Gillian and Lene
  • Occasionally, she sometimes stays at The Lanthorn.
  • She enjoys puzzles and learning new things.
  • She will ask all of the questions.

Known to Few

  • She used to be homeless and lived in an old subway car.
  • Before that, she was a ward of her uncle Stefan Morrison whom she'd been led to believe was her adoptive father.
  • Cindy Morrison isn't her biological mother, but a surrogate.
  • She's somehow related to Odessa Price

Known to Fewer

  • Her real parents are Adam Monroe and Claudia Zimmerman
  • She received three additional abilities through the Gemini Procedure.
  • As a young child, she was experimented on. Identified tests: Project Umbra


For someone who's learned to not trust others, allowing herself to do so is a huge step. It's an even bigger leap to consider them family, but she does.

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Coming soon.




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