Zachary Stone

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Name Zachary Stone Aliases Zakaria Shariat Panahi
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) (COM) Ability Telepathic Barrier
Gender Male
Birthdate April 28, 1979 Age 39
Height 5' 11" Build Muscular
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence The Clocktower Building
Employment The Deveaux Society
Parents Darri Shariat Panahi (Mother)
Amir Shariat Panahi (Father)
Siblings Faraz Shariat Panahi (Brother; Deceased)
Marital Status Naseem Shariat Panahi (wife; deceased)
Lorenzo Stone (Husband)
Children Phillip Stone (Faraz Shariat Panahi) (Son, Adopted)
First Scene Where Goes the White Rabbit Last Scene
Profile Zachary Stone is a longtime member of the Deveaux Society. He formerly served as Claudia's personal assistant while she was in hiding, and has since transitioned to work directly for Alice Shaw.
Zachary Stone
portrayed by
Bahram Radan
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