George Strickland

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Non-Expressive Database

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Name George Strickland Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate January 26, 1949 Age 70
Height 6' Build Thin
Eyes Brown Hair Gray
Residence Classified
Employment CDC SESA Liaison
Parents Classified Siblings Classified
Marital Status Anna Strickland (wife; divorced) Children Classified
First Scene Performance Review Last Scene
Profile George Strickland is the Deputy-Director of the Public Health Service and Implementation Science at the CDC and is the CDCs liaison with SESA on matters of SLC-Expressive health and medical research. Strickland was assigned to work at the Plum Island SLC-Expressive Center where he oversaw the pool of inmate scientists assisting government research. Since that building was attacked, Strickland is now operating out of the NYC Safe Zone at Governor's Island on undisclosed projects.
George Strickland
portrayed by
David Strathairn
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