Tae-hwan Ko

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Name Tae-hwan Ko Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Mental) (COM) Ability Psychometric Medium
Gender Male
Birthdate August 4, 1968 Age 50
Height 5' 9" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Employment Anthropologist, The Korean Society for Cultural Anthropology (KOSCA)
Parents Hye-Kin Ko (father)
Kyung-min Ko (mother)
Siblings Myung-sun Ko (sister)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene The Dragon of Kiso Mountain Last Scene
Profile Tae-hawn Ko is an Korean anthropologist who currently works for for the Korean Society of Cultural Anthropology. As part of his current project, he is partnering with the Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology through the World Council of Anthropological Association thanks in part to the high demand of his SLC-Expressive ability. Tae is currently working with anthropologists and archaeologists at the Asahikawa Museum of Sculpture in Hokkaido to study a recent Ainu-era discovery.
Tae-hwan Ko
portrayed by
Daniel Dae Kim
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