Tamara Brooks

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Name Tamara Brooks Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Mental) Ability Precognition
Gender Female
Birthdate March 4, 1990 Age 27
Height 5' 7" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence 64 S 4th St., Williamsburg, Safe Zone
Employment Consultant
Parents deceased Siblings Kathleen Brooks
Marital Status relationship with Colette Demsky
and secondhand with Tasha Renard-Lazzaro
Children none
First Scene Paper Wolf Last Scene

An early settler in the Safe Zone, Tamara has developed something of a reputation on the community grapevine for being a resource of last resort on difficult problems — finding things, providing advice, pointing one in the right(?) direction. She also tends to show up unexpectedly in surprising places, following where her prescience leads.

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Tamara Brooks
portrayed by
Rachel Hurd-Wood


Trivia and Notes


Tamara has been a presence in the Safe Zone since June 2015, minus some trips away. During that time, she has established herself as something of an advisor of last resort for difficult problems, one that is more a rumor on the community grapevine than anything. The first trick, though, is catching up with her to ask — and the second is making sense of her answer. There are two rules of thumb when doing business with the sybil: 1) the only price is the value of your question to you… and how clear an answer you want to receive; and 2) if you try three times but don't find her, she's not going to answer your question anyway — or you're asking the wrong one.


Physical Marks

  • Tattoo below left collarbone: red butterfly on blue background. Colette sports its blue-on-red partner in the same location.
  • Three scars from bullet grazes: left shoulder, right bicep, left thigh.
  • Short, straight scar on left ribs from a stab wound.

Significant Possessions


Located at 64 S. 4th Street in the Williamsburg neighborhood, this turn-of-the-century townhouse was awarded by lot to Tamara in September 2015 and is also home to Tasha and Colette. The entrance is technically on the second floor, leading directly into the kitchen and dining room, with the living room at back looking out upon the garden. The upper two floors are given over to Tasha's living space and office, while the ground floor is occupied by Tamara. As of early 2018, the basement has been set up as a darkroom.


continued from Book One

03/04/12 to
Pas de Deux The dance that is Tamara and Colette's relationship over a span of six years. Colette, Tamara
11/11/17 Your Conversation Vincent has one question. Tamara, Vincent
Volume I: The Way Back
02/28/18 Paper Wolf Tamara pays an unsuspecting psychiatrist a little visit. Greg, Tamara
03/03/18 The Last Step Tamara welcomes home a stranger. Etienne, Tamara
03/04/18 Anchors The past and the future are each made into presents. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
03/07/18 Constellations Tamara and Colette have a personal moment on the last day of Colette's leave. Colette, Tamara
03/15/18 Information Can Be Difficult The sybil is hired to provide leads on two people. Kaylee, Tamara
03/18/18 I Guess A casual chat about hunches, feelings, and investigations. Tamara, Tuck
03/28/18 Usual Things Nicole pays a social visit. Nicole, Tamara
04/23/18 Living in Interesting Times Yamagato's security chief calls on the seer and gets exactly what he didn't want to hear. Eizen, Tamara
05/15/18 Of Stars and Residences Tamara pays a social call on an old friend. Tamara, Ygraine
06/29/18 Different Tools Two precogs have a casual chat. Eve, Tamara
07/01/18 One Reflection Chess comes looking for herself, only not exactly. Chess, Tamara
07/04/18 Cracked and Torn A holiday concert devolves into fisticuffs. Alexander, Berlin, Lucille, Marlowe, Robyn, Rory, Tamara, Zelda
07/08/18 A Hand To Hold You Colette comes home early to discuss her future, near and far. Colette, Tamara, Tasha
08/19/18 Wind Blows Eve, Jim, Tamara
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