Chesterfield Act Registry of the Expressive Database

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Name Tavisha Aliases Erling Olsen
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Mental) Ability Avian Telepathy
Gender Male
Birthdate ??? Age Physically: 47
Technically: 38
Height 6'1" Build Lithe
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Ruins of Staten Island
Employment Self-employed, information broker
Parents ??? Siblings N/A
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Scene Caged Last Scene

Erling Olsen is a self-employed information broker and unlicensed private investigator operating out of the ruins of Staten Island. His clientele is almost exclusively criminal. Olsen's business hinges on his collection of pigeons, housed on the rooftop of the dilapidated brownstone where he's set up shop.

And then Tavisha, a cloned consciousness trapped within the bodies of birds, took over.

portrayed by
Justin Kirk


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