Teodoro Laudani

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Name Teodoro Mario Laudani Aliases Ghost
Status Unregistered Expressive Mental Ability Astral Projection
Gender Male
Birthdate November 15 Age 34
Height 6' Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Dirty Blonde
Residence Sheepshead Bay, NYC Safezone (Emily, roommate)
Employment C & R Salvage Co. (part-time)
Parents Paolo Laudani
Amadora Laudani
Siblings Romero Laudani
Marital Status Married (Francois Allègre, separated) Children Walter Trafford (technically; Delilah Trafford, "co-parent")
First Scene The More Boys I Meet Last Scene
Profile After the Civil War, something in Teodoro broke; the Moral Injury that so many veterans of the military have suffered in decades past. He retreated into the Catskill Mountains in bitter isolation, despite strenuous objections and marital conflict with his spouse, Francois. There, he seemed to sink into obscurity, periodically involved with Wolfhound by manning drones. However, he has since returned to Manhattan while hating everything.
Teodoro Laudani
portrayed by

Chris Evans

We love only heroes. Glorious
death in battle. Scaling walls,
burning bridges behind us, destroying
all ways back. All retreat. As if
some things were fixed. As if the moon
would come to us each night (&
we could watch
from the battlements). As if
there were anything certain
or lovely
in our lives.

Leroi Jones



Known to Most

  • Former co-leader of Phoenix and an affiliate of the Ferrymen, who fought throughout the Second American Civil War as well as the precursor struggles and "terrorist" operations.
    • 2000s socio-ethical "poster boy" for non-Evolved people who nevertheless advocated for Expressives.
  • Declined to participate in the Albany Trials as well as subsequent fame narratives, turning recluse after the war. Moved to the Catskill Mountains to help with the food crisis and American agriculture.
  • Legally married to Francis Allen, leader of Wolfhound.
  • Fathered Walter Trafford (by Delilah), from whom he has been estranged.

Known to Some

  • Teo was born non-Evolved but acquired a synthetic SLC-Expressive ability.
  • At least two individuals identified as Teodoro Laudani exist, and some problems with cloning and timeline-travel are responsible. In New York, "Ghost" (gun-for-hire and Wolfhound affiliate) and Teo the recent farmer are generally believed to be those two. Identity confusion provided significant tactical advantages/alibis throughout the Second American Civil War.
  • The three Teos divided and compartmentalized many functions throughout and after the war, including parenting Walter and Wolfhound involvement. They interact regularly.

Known to Few

  • Three individuals identified as Teodoro Laudani exist, one who resides primarily in Sicily (non-Evolved) and works as a civil rights lawyer on EUSR-related issues, and two in New York (Evolved). Of the latter, one is from another timeline and the other is a psychic fusion of his counterparts inhabiting a clone.
    • This fusion has existed only since 2010 and was responsible for war-time activities.
  • Despite separating himself from violence and high-clearance operations, Teo worked with Hana to create a set of small ground drones responsible for some support functions.



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