Tibby Naidu

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Name Tibby Ole Naidu Aliases

3A, Elia

Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability Feline Telepathy: BLOCKED
Gender Female
Birthdate June 19, 1990 Age 31
Height 5'1 Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Blonde Bleached/Black
Residence UNKNOWN
Employment UNKNOWN
Parents Wendy Naidu (deceased)
Baruti Naidu (estranged)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children Oya (feline daughter) (Deceased)
Adze (feline son) (Lost)
First Scene Have You Seen This Gun Last Scene

After being picked up and thrown into international prison for smuggling and almost dying there. Tibby was afforded another chance by Crito Corp from the likes of Waugh and Klaus. Ability neutralized due to bleeding edge tech, body augmented by cybernetics and trained in corporate espionage the young woman was sent back to the New York Safe Zone to assimilate and gather intel on the various corporations in the city. She was soon met with an impossible path concerning her father being a high ranking member of Mazdak. Putting her duties at Cirto on hold, Tibby begins to hunt for her father and for answers. After a brief stint in the Middle East assisting Hana with an vendetta against Mazdak while also pursuing information on her father, something happened and the result sent Tibby on the "run.

Tibby has returned to the Safe Zone, no worse for wear but still no answers.

Tibby Naidu
portrayed by

Zoe Kravitz



Known To Most

  • Tibby was born in Johanessburg, South Africa. Tibby has a grandmother described as a Trickster (some sort of Mental Evolved), her cousin Demarco who has taken over the family smuggling business since she left for the States (Evolved or Non).
  • Really hates when people point cameras in her face. Sinister.

Known To Some

  • Has been in the crime world since she was a child. She has a reputation as a feisty tiny smuggler. Goes by the name Elia in those circles.
  • She hates cats.

Known To Few

  • After a failed attempt to smuggle drugs and weapons across the seas Tibby was imprisoned in a foreign prison and was on death's door when Klaus and Waugh appeared to offer her one last job, one last chance.
  • Does not seem to remember the fact that she is cousins with Remi.
  • Does not display any signs of her former known ability: Feline Telepathy.
  • Has a weapon sub dermal implant in her dominant hand, it can shock people. She calls it Talon.
  • The Talon is the first of numerous cybernetic enhancements received from Crito.


Character Icons
Zen Zef Kwaad Nuwe
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Volume I: The Way Back
January 2009 - January 2018
03/29/09 A Beach Meeting On the beaches of California, two people meet thanks to a runaway cat. Caspian and Tibby
February 2018
02/22/18 Have You Seen This Gun Tibby hasn't. Buddy and Tibby
Volume II: Resurrection
December 2018 - March 2019
12/05/18 Much Improved Tibby has run out of lives. She is offered one more. Klaus, Tibby and Waugh
April 2019
04/04/19 Do Your Research First lesson. Remi And Tibby
04/16/19 Just A Peek Tibby delivers a package to Raytech.. Devi, Seren and Tibby


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  • Animals: Tibby has a way with animals besides just with her ability. They fascinate her. She is obsessed with learning more of them. She knows how to care for her wild friends after years of trial and error and reading up on the topics. Filthy animals.
  • Smuggling (Crime): Tibby has been in the smuggling and crime game since she was a kid. Now she has the contacts and resources to carry a semi successful business. She knows her way around the different crime bosses and their ways of working. The Cat Lady is known in certain circles in the underworld.
  • Guns: Due to the nature of her job, she knows how to operate firearms though she hates them. She will unload a clip in someone to protect a shipment but she has a real problem with doing so.
  • Trickster: Tibby is tiny and that leads people to believe she is not as capable of protecting herself as she is. She likes to play this up when necessary and is pretty convincing at seeming to be the hopeless, innocent dame.
  • Liar: You can't be a good criminal without being one.
  • Cooking: Tibby is well versed in the kitchen thanks to her mother. She cooks a variety of dishes and when she has a group of friends around, dinners at her home are standard.
  • Tiny Body Strong Will: Tibby has a lot of willpower. What she lacks in physical strength she makes up for with her mind. She thinks quickly and doesn't crack under pressure. Something her father instilled in her at a young age. It takes a lot to really get the woman down and out about a given situation.
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